Charlize Theron (I LOVE This!)

  1. YouTube - Dior - J'adore (Charlize Theron)

    This ad for J'adore is played on a loop at The Bay. (The Fine Jewelry counter is right next to the Fragrance Department.)

    She's striding down a hallway, never breaks stride while throwing aside her hat, her jewelry and finally her couture gown. Then she looks at the camera and goes, "J'adore."

    I'm always so entranced watching this.
  2. That's hot. :kiss:
  3. The ad is hypnotic and Charlize Theron is gorgeous.
  4. Very hot!!
  5. Niiiiice :biggrin:
  6. Gorgeous simply stunning, I swear this would make me buy the perfume. Charlize is sooo beautiful. I even loved her in North Country and Monster
  7. A little over the top but she looks incredible! And j'adore smells good too!
  8. she looks great.:yes:
  9. love her dress :heart::wtf:
  10. Its fabulous.
  11. LOve it!
  12. hotness
  13. Charlize ROCKS!!!
  14. Love the dress and how her legs didn't even pause when the dress dropped!
  15. She is stunning as usual....