Charlize Enjoys the Breeze in Belize

  1. Charlize Theron and her long-time boyfriend Stuart Townsend spend a few days in the rain forests of Belize.
    While enjoying the breeze in Belize, Charlize, who turns 32 today, and Stuart, 34, enjoyed the luxuries at the $2,500 per night Blancaneaux Hotel, which is owned by Francis Ford Coppola.
    The Oscar-winner is currently shooting the film Hancock, which will feature her and Will Smith as a couple. Charlize also recently signed up for the the drama The Burning Plain. The multiple-character, interweaving storyline will feature her as a woman who tries to reconnect with her parents after a turbulent childhood.

    Happy Birthday Charlize!!!
    charlize-theron-bikini-01.jpg charlize-theron-bikini-02.jpg charlize-theron-bikini-03.jpg charlize-theron-bikini-04.jpg charlize-theron-bikini-05.jpg
  2. Seeing all these threads with celebs on vacation makes me want to take some time off from work.
  3. She doesn't look too happy in those pics and her BF is 6" shorter than she is... LOL
  4. ^^ Yeah, well I wouldn't be all smiles and giggles either if I was trying to have a relaxing fun vacation with my boyfriend and some paparazzi decided to butt in and take photos. The third picture explains it all.
  5. Oh I just LOVE her...what a cool vacation!
  6. What is she doing with him???
  7. I was in Belize back many moons ago when they declared their independence from the Honduras. They had one shabby hotel and one radio station. The place was untouched and amazing. Now it is full of hotels. OK back to topic..
  8. She's so stunning. One of the prettiest celebs out there.
  9. She is stunning. But he's not looking so good these days.
  10. She is gorgeous!!!:heart:
  11. what happened to him ? he used to be in much better shape and i dont recall him being that much shorter ?
  12. Belize is gorgeous now. I love going there.

    Charlize looks great as ever.
  13. I really like her. Beautiful!
  14. Charlize - I, LOVE, HER. She is soooooooooooooooo beautiful and has the most amazing body. Thing is, she isn't skinny, fat or tooo thin, she is in the right proportion for her height - and I love the fact that in these pics she's sporting a little belly - probably holiday belly from eating good food and drinking good wine - it happens to me, but in a much larger scale!! :crybaby:
  15. she looks great.