Charlie's Here!

  1. :love: :heart:
    Charlie1.jpg Charlie2.jpg Charlie3.jpg Charlie4.jpg
  2. Be Still My Beating Heart! :heart::heart:
  3. Grace, how did yours come? UPS? I ordered the Jillian last Friday and nothing yet. I have a shipping confirmation though. I have a shipping confirmation for the Charlie too but Nine on the Annie which I ordered before that.
  4. Lexie, Neimans always ships FedEx Home. Check your account and you can go to tracking directly to see what day it will arrive.

    Thanks, jchiara!! It's an extremely elegant bag!
  5. Oh, it's just perfect! I wish I had bought one now, but I'm so happy for you! Congrats!!

    Lexie, NM always sends a tracking number with their shipping confirmation so you can just click on the link and it will take you to Fed Ex and the detail on your package.
  6. I just called NM. They sent me confirmations but they were sent USPS. The reason....I supplied both my PO Box and physical address so they shipped to the PO Box will will take longer. They said all 3 were shipped but aren't expected to arrive until the 26th 29th and 30th.
  7. A beautiful bag to be sure!
  8. God! What a great looking bag! Congratulations to you!
  9. What a stunning bag--congrats!!
  10. Gorgeous Charlie Grace! I've been wanting one too. How do you think the leather will hold up?

    Does the shoulder strap detach?

  11. Congratulations Grace. I remember Bessie mentioning she thought the Charlie looked more like a piece of luggage (I thought exactly the same), but your photos make it look so much more like a handbag. Looks lovely and squishy.

    Lexie, I feel your pain, but yours will arrive... and it's be worth the wait!
  12. grace can i see a model pic of it :smile: i have never been quite sure how i feel about it and i would love to see you holding it :smile: thanks! it looks so yummmymyy
  13. Beautiful, welcome to the black Charlie club.
  14. Grace, it is beautiful!
  15. Nice choice, congrats!!