Charlie Lapson bags and Luce bags

  1. Hi, can any of you please inform this handbag ignoramus (who does her handbag shopping only in her mind - for the time being anyway :biggrin: ) what the quality of Charlie Lapson bags is like? Thanks in advance.

    There are some bags of his on sale on and a few of them are on offer for $99-99 (not counting shipping). Some look classy, IMHO.

    Luce bags are also sold on that site, as well as as on ebags (cheaper on ebags but fewer colour selections). Has anyone here bought a Luce bag - their leather looks nice online but online appearances can be deceptive.

    Thanks in advance.
    Charlie Lapson Victoria - clearance at $99-99,344
    Charlie Lapson Brigida - clearance at $99-99
    Charlia Lapson Anita - $240,344
    Charlie Lapson Tulla - $179-99,344
    Charlie Lapson Valentina $189-99,1285
    Luce butter soft drawstring tote - $119 on shopnbc and $90-00 (sale) on ebags
    Luce Butter Soft Rhinestone Hobo - $90 now
    ($119-99 on shopnbc,,1285
  2. They do look nice , But i never seen in person
  3. WOW, I really like some of those, but sorry I've never seen or heard of them.
  4. I've got a Charlie Lapson, and it's an okay bag given that they're rather stiff and structured. The leather comes from Italy, but then they're cut and assembled in China. I paid all of $54 for mine including shipping, but I only used it once, and it wasn't my brightest purchase. I'm sure it will end up on eBay at some point.
  5. Heavensent, abandonedimages and ammietwist, thanks for the replies.