Charlie in Black Python

  1. [​IMG]

    Opinions anyone?
  2. I must say that Charlie in black python looks abit like my Jillian, same pleat in the front, same short handles, just dressier.

    That bag is not for me.
  3. Pretty bag, but not for me either, sorry. It has a very formal look to it, and I prefer bags that are more casual looking.
  4. Oooooh! Very pretty!
  5. I like the Charlie alot. I've seen it in the metallic linen and it's gorgeous. Not sure about the Black Python. Sorry...
  6. Not sure about that leather, would like to see it IRL (which probably won't happen..)
  7. I think it looks really nice. But my DH would kill me if I wore real python.
  8. I love it, but it is quite dressy. I think I like the metallic one a little bit better. I bet I can pick up some of these "sorta wanted" bags at the end of the year sales. Hubby knows that the credit cards will soar that month. I already gave him fair warning.
  9. This is gorgeous! I love it. I think I could even say that it's my favourite Kooba so far.
  10. Is that really python? Brrr...weird. If it was real python, wouldn't it be like, a lot more expensive?

    Either way, I really like the shape of the bag but the material looks like a black disco ball or something. I think I'd like it in a nice smooth leather much better.
  11. it's gorgeous in real life....I saw it at bloomingdales next to an embossed python Ryan. Stunning. it's not really python - it's leather and it does not shine like a disco ball like the picture is leading you to believe. IRL its matte but it has that python design that sets it off just so. Not even really dressy looking, just really funky. It is a great way to get the new S07 bags without having to deal with the leather problems every one has been talking about. I am glad I didn't get the Charlie in black already like i had planned. I want this one!
  12. Yea, I wish I would have waited to jump on the new sales. But I guess I would have never known what a light colored soft leathered bag could be so troublesome. The Black Python Charlie is the great fix of this problem. Even the linen one is better. Maybe if I would have waited I'd still have a Charlie. I'm not jumping back in so quick now. I bet I can pick one of thes eup in the future on eBay if I want and I want to see Fall's line first.
  13. I just bought this one! It matches some sandals I just bought so I couldn't resist. I hope I like it! I will post pics when I get her.
  14. I love it! It's beautiful! Too bad I would be living in it if I buy one more bag! :roflmfao:
  15. I like the Charlie, but not sure I love it enough to put it on my list. What do you gals think? And what's your favorite color?