Charlie cleaner?

  1. I've read many bad stories about how the leather is really delicate on the charlie, but a few have said theirs has been holding up alright--
    I haven't found anything about anyone saying they had any cleaner that actually worked on the Charlie, seems only to be word of cleaners having no effect on the Charlie?

    It must be ridiculous of me to want the ivory one, but I'm having it held at Saks for second cut, and I don't really want to cancel it. Is there anything I can do to keep the most troublesome color of all the Charlies, clean? I'm willing to go through the trouble of cleaning it, I just want to know its possible to keep it clean... :{

    I guess it would have been nice if the Luggage color was available but my SA said it wasn't. :/
  2. I would just make sure I triple treated it with Wilson's leather protectant to help it stay the good looking bag it is. And be careful as you probably already know about color transfer. It's a bag you probably will have to baby a little more but if you love it, then you love it, and there's nothing that's going to change that.