Charlie $369, Nicole $357 at eluxury. Run!

  1. Thanks for the link! I don't really need either but I'm sure someone out there does!!
  2. Yes, I'm sure someone will grab the chance to get one of them at that price, I've decided to wait until fall...
  3. Holy smokes, that is a great deal on newer bags. That even rivals eBay pricing.

    I plan to wait for Fall too.
  4. Great prices, but I dont really care for either style.
  5. I love both. I don't need either.

    I still want them. :crybaby:
  6. :lecture:I do not need... I will not look... I will not look ... I will not.....

  7. I bought the Nicole in Rose as soon as I heard about the sale on Deals & Steals, BUT I didn't know there was a Charlie too! Ah! So many bags and not enough money. I want to start selling my other bags, so I can buy new ones.
  8. aw man i want nicole in black!

    but its better they dont have it i do NOT need to shop any more!
  9. both gone!
  10. this is my first time in the kooba forum!!! i saw some deals for these bags and wanted to post them for u guys (no i m not the seller)

    this marcelle one started at $285

    this charlie is $439 buy it now or give offer