Charleston, SC community loses firefighers

  1. Not sure if everyone knows, 9 firefighters were killed a few days ago fighting a fire in Charleston, SC. Please keep the victim's familties, friencs, Charleston community, and the firefighting community in your prayers.
  2. My heart is so heavy for these families and their Firefighter brothers. My brother is a Fireman so I hate hearing about these tragedies.
    Prayers go out to all of them.
  3. That's so sad. :sad:
  4. I saw this on the news. . . so painful to watch.
    My heart goes out to the families and friends:cry:
  5. I read this in the paper this morning. It's a terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the Charleston community :heart:
  6. This is just so tragic...:cry:
  7. It's so sad :crybaby:
    My thoughts are with their families and friends.
  8. So sad. My Mom's boyfriend is a fire chief, and stories like this make her heartsick because she never knows what he's walking into each day at work.

    I feel awful for their families.