Charleston, SC anyone? Shopping? Restaurants?

  1. Will be there for a few days over Christmas. Would love any personal recommendations on restaurants and shopping please.
  2. i was there for a few days over the 4th of july. i LOVED charleston!! such a gorgeous city. if you like sea food, we ate at the Crab Shack which is downtown. i thought it was great. i had the crab cakes and they were wonderful.

    there's the market downtown which is sort of a flea market typish set up downtown. not sure if it goes on during the winter?? i dont know what charleston is like during the winter months.

    there's another street downtown that has a lot of great high end stores. of course..i can't remember the name... sorry i'm such a big help ;) but i remember it not being very far from the market!

    hope you have fun though!
  3. THanks...I have been there before but always wind up eating in the hotel which I want to try and avoid $$$
  4. King Street is the place to go (and stay) I would recommend the Fulton Inn on King Street. The crab shack is amazing! I would def recommend you going there. Lots of people love the restaurant Hymens, but its a bit to much for me. I would recommend taking one of the carriage tours will ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT! I want to live there after Im finished with college...can you tell? Keep us updated on your wonderful trip there! Hope you have a lovely time!!
  5. i totally wouldn't mind living there!! and i agree with the carriage rides. we did those too and they were great.
  6. Great idea for Christmas Eve I think...I have stayed before many years ago and loved it. Decided to take a break this Christmas and not do the whole extended family thing..can not wait...thanks for the advice.
  7. Market St. is (duh!) where the huge market is. I imagine some of it is open over the holidays. King St. is the shopping St. There's a high end bag and shoe store called Bob Ellis. And a local purse maker, Moo Roo, has changed to Mary Norton (woman who started Moo Roo)--I read they are in a new store on King St. Lots of nice shopping. also take a peek into the lobby of the Charleston Place hotel--old fashioned and they have a little gallery of shops.
    Other fun things are a walk down Rainbow Row with the pastel houses and a ghost tour walk at night. (not sure if they run in winter, tho) Lots of great restaurants (82 Queen is coasting on past reputation; skip it even tho it's usually written up in the guide books)
    Have fun!!!
  8. blossom is good. It is on East Bay. Go up to the rooftop bars in the hotels, Market Pavillion and Vendue Inn.
    The ghost walks go all year, as does the market.
    Old town restaurant, corner of Market and King has great casual food.
    Oak steakhouse very pricey.
    Bocci's for Italian
    Visit the Aquarium and the Hunley if possible.
  9. Thanks everyone...hoping for good weather. Has to be better than NYC
  10. hello.. lucky mag did a city guide on charleston a little while ago. im sorry i cant remember the issue. for some reason its not on their site. if someone tells u the issue maybe u can back track a bit?
    good luck
  11. No recs, but I wanna spend some time in Charleston soon! We went to Savannah this past summer. It was a toss-up between the two, but we picked Savannah for now. I've heard there's good ghost tours in Charleston.
  12. While Savannah is beautiful I so prefer Charleston...I find it the perfect mix of southern charm and city sophistication. I also found Savannah to have limited shopping and once you see the main area of the city there was really nothing else to do. That being said, it was really lovely and unique and so worth the trip.