Charles Garnier Hoops sold in Neiman Marcus??

  1. I have a $200 promo gift card that's going to expire on the 23rd. I was going to buy a Gucci gunmetal wallet with it but Neiman Marcus doesn't carry any. I tried to call almost every single NM store. I live 3 hours from the closed NM.

    Now I want to try to get Charles Garnier hoops. I called one location and they said they don't carry that designer. And when I tried with the Gucci wallet, all the SA from each store said that if they don't have it in the system then no other store will have it. is this true??

    So to all the ladies that shop at NM, do you know if they carry Charles Garnier hoops? If so which location and phone no. please.

    I always thought NM was way better than Saks, but I guess I'm wrong. Saks website has both the wallet and the earrings. Too bad my giftcard isn't for Saks =(