Charles de Gaulle International Airport

  1. Is there a Chanel boutique in there?
  2. Don't think so. I looked at the directory, I'll be there in a week and I have two hours to kill but I couldn't find one... Hermes is there. It's not my favorite airport...
  3. Damn!!
    How bad is it that I'm thinking of spending an extra $675 on plane tickets just so I can get to Greece via Heathrow?! LOLOLOLOL!
  4. I do get to fly back through Heathrow, it's such a nicer airport. I got my ticket on One Travel and they mixed airlines. American from Boston to Paris going and American again but from Heathrow to Boston coming back, first time it happened.
  5. don't remember seeing 1 there though...since my last visit 2003...
  6. I didn't see any Chanel, I remember Lacoste....sorry but realy bad memories about Charles de Gaulle, were cold, was need to transfer some different airport buses, I really didn't understand...
  7. sorry... there is no chanel boutique at CDG... but there is a hermès store [​IMG]
  8. bad bad airport. am there on a regular basis whilst travelling. no chanel at all .. and hermes is quite lousy as well!!
  9. I had fun shopping at the NICE airport..My gate was in front of the CELINE store...heehee..PHH was havin a cow...I almost missed my plane trying on and buying clothes there!!!!
  10. Jill,
    i agree. Nice airport is getting better by the day. all the shops there are decnt.. not many but decent choice and size. still no chanel though :sad: