Charles David Warehouse Sale in L.A.

  1. The 1st Annual Charles David Warehouse Sale (Warehouse Sales) is on Thursday 10/18 (9am-6pm), Friday 10/19 (9am-6pm) and Saturday 10/20 ( 9am-5pm). All shoes are discounted 60%- 80%. It's shoe shopping heaven! 5731 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, California 90230. Cash/ CC only.

    I hope they will have some purses on sale!
  2. wow I would love this :sad:
  3. did anyone go? how was it?
  4. Not yet... it's next week! I might check this out as I'll be around that area next week.
  5. Do you know what the average price range is and if their shoes are this season?
  6. duh! I thought it was today, I have my dates mixed up! I will definitely check it out.
  7. Sweet, that's the next town over and I don't have to be in at work early.
  8. i love charles david.. thanks.
  9. Just wondering if any tpfers are planning on going to this sale?
  10. I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to go!:yahoo:
  11. I plan to go! Hope they have some boots!!! It's cold in LA today.

  12. It is cold. I love this time of year, Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. So many opportunities to show off Charles David deals.
  13. I'm so with you on that. It's gotten so cold in LA today. I'm hoping they have some nice boots (for winter) and pumps (for work).

  14. I KNOW! What happend to the sun?

    I wonder how the conditions of the shoes will be..
  15. I can't wait!!!! I have sooo many pairs of Charles David, it's not even funny. So comfy!