Charles David "Entice"

  1. I'm on a Charles kick.:yahoo:
    charles entice.jpg
    They also come in black, white, and some other colors. But I like the plum best.
  2. I love Charles David shoes! Those are mighty sexy girl, WORK IT!
  3. Yeah these come in a lot of different colors. I'l post some more styles later.
  4. I am also a fan of Charles David shoes.
  5. Plum is quite nice
  6. Lovely! I am also a Charles David fan! :smile:
  7. charlesdavid pringle.jpg
  8. I'm a huge Charles David fan! I have a pair that I can wear for hours and hours and still walk fine!
  9. :nuts: could u post a pic?
  10. Oh, I love charles david shoes too! Those plum pumps are delicious!! Congrats and rock 'em proud!!
  11. Very nice!
  12. Love the shoes! And the colour really stands out. Very nice!
  13. :yes:
    :yes: they are great shoes & comfy too.