Charles David bags.

  1. There was an old thread, but only one response, so I thought i'd bring it back. I just ordered my first (the price was too good and it looked good from the pics). How's the quality of the leather and stitching?

    I love their shoes (picked up a bunch of the last month) so I'm excited! Should be getting the bag Friday.
  2. I have a bag that I have used for work (on rotation, so not constantly) for about 2 years now. The leather has gotten softer and no problems with the stitching at all. I was very happy with my purchase - and it was a great price - and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.
  3. I have one bag that I've used for a year. Like Blue said, it's held up very loose strings, no broken zippers, nothing. Like new. Very happy I have it!
  4. i never own one but i just check the website and i think some of them are beautiful

    which one did u order chinadoll?
  5. Well, I just happened to come across this thread yesterday, and lo and behold, I was in TJ Maxx today, and they had about 3 of these absolutely fabulous bags. I could not believe the quality of the leather, and I never heard of them until looking at this thread. If I didn't have to buy about a jillion Christmas presents right now, I would have picked myself up one for $129.00. Don't know the name of the style, but the one I had my eye on was a burgundy close to the body shoulder bag with brass hardware. It was really gorgeous.

    That's the one I got- I think I picked up the last one. Still a bit unsure of the style, but I couldn't not get it for $60 after PM~! And that's shipped overnight.
  7. I think Charles David makes nice, wholesome bags. I just took one off of Layaway at TJMaxx (decided on something else) but they had a few different styles...think they are the Sabrinas (a hobo in Mushroom and a black satchel) both lovely! and the price was right around $150...sweet!
    Enjoy your new bag!
  8. I have the bag you ordered in pewter. Fabulous bag--love the pleating on it too.
  9. Uggggggghhhhhh. I should be happily (or not) posting about my new bag right about now- touching the leather, checking out the stitching, fingering the details, but nope.

    I had it delivered to work thinking I'd get to see it soon, but forgot I took the afternoon off for my Dr's appt. I left at 12:2x . . . looked at my tracking it arrived at 12:34! Why didn't I think to just wait 10 min? Even if I had it delivered home I'd have it by now. *tear*
  10. .....worth the wait.....really......
  11. I like's more of an evening kiss lock clutch. I still like it.
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing the bag!
  13. Haha the thread you found with one post (after the OP) was probaby the one I started LoL

    I LOVE my Charles David bag! It's a divine turquoise, but somehow isn't loud. I've had it years now, and despite collecting lots of other brands, I love it and keep it in pretty good rotation, more in spring and summer. It has a pair of matchy matchy turquoise heels with clunky but very classy jewels on top and the pair together is SMASHING. But alone, the bag itself is fabulous too!

    It's held up something wonderful (as evidenced in my earlier thread) and sits in my closet without a dustbag, but always look fresh when I grab for her.

    Congrats on your fun new find!
  14. any pics?

  15. did you get it yet??? my charles david is waiting for me - back on layaway - and I'm excited to see yours. It will help me hold off till after holiday!

    Living vicariously...;)