Charles David 2nd Annual Warehouse Sale in L.A.

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  1. This is a good one, but busy! Be prepared to wait in line & make sure you keep the kids and stroller home that day. (Just speaking from experience.;))

    Charles David 2nd Annual Warehouse Sale

    Don't miss the 2nd annual Charles David warehouse sale! Find up to 80% off over 20,000 pairs of current and past season shoes, boots, and handbags.

    For more information call 310-348-5050.

    <table id="ctl00_Body_Sale_BorderTable" style="border: 1px solid silver; overflow: hidden; width: 250px; height: 225px;" background="/Media/Sale/sale_poll_bg.gif" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr> <td class="bodytext_bold" align="right" bgcolor="#e5e5e5" valign="top"> Event Begins:</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffff"> 4/24/2008</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="bodytext_bold" align="right" bgcolor="#e5e5e5" valign="top"> Event Ends:</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffff"> 4/26/2008</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="bodytext_bold" align="right" bgcolor="#e5e5e5" valign="top"> Event Times:</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffff"> Thu-Fri 9am-6pm
    Sat 9am-5pm
    </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="bodytext_bold" align="right" bgcolor="#e5e5e5" valign="top"> Location:</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffff" nowrap="nowrap" valign="top"> 5731 Buckingham Parkway
    Culver City, CA 90230
    (310) 348-5050</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="bodytext_bold" align="right" bgcolor="#e5e5e5" valign="top"> Payment Type:</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffff" valign="top"> Cash/VISA/AMEX/MC</td></tr></tbody></table>
  2. wish they had this in nyc:yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Thanks for posting, haute okole!! I went to the last one in October and there were so many good deals. I'm definitely going on the first day this time. <SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_5876809", true); </SCRIPT>
  4. Thanks Haute Okole
  5. haute okole, since you've been to the sale before, can you post information about how the sale is set up? Is there a time limit? Is there a range of sizes? What were the prices like? TIA
  6. Thank you for posting Haute Okole. Like gymmia, I too, would like to know from someone who has been there.
  7. i went in october as well. there wasn't a line when i went in the afternoon but it was crowded. it was outdoors, just tables of shoes lined up by size in a parking lot. the size ranged from 5-10 i think and there is no time limit on how long you can stay.

    there are some chairs and mirrors set up for you to try them on, the prices varied from $30-$75 a pair depending on if you got regular heels or boots and if there were charles david or the charles by charles david line. you also got discounts for purchasing more than one pair. all in all, i would say it's was a pretty good sale!
  8. Ooh, thanks for posting. The last sale was great! I got about 6 pairs of shoes for a little over $100! It was hot and crowded but it's definitely worth going.
  9. Thanks for all the info....will head over on Thurs.
  10. Deekai! Don't go this Thursday, the sale starts on the 24th. See you there!
  11. I warned against bringing the kids & a stroller & I'll be their with my kid & stroller. Starts tomorrow...hope it is as good as last time. I'll bring my camera!
  12. Has anyone gone yet? If so, please comment on selections, wait times, stock, etc! :smile:

  13. I was gonna go today, but then I realized how FAR it is! On the other side of the hills in culver! Sheesh. I dunno that I have the driving motivation. :tdown:
  14. ^ Me too! I got kinda excited, but then I mapquested the location and its a good 50 miles from me. I dont know if I'm wiling to drive that far (esp. with the cost of gas) to possible come back with nothing.