Charity of the Month?

  1. I was just wondering why the Charity of month hadn't changed for the new month I posted in the thread but nobody has responded, are we not doing it any more??
  2. Yes yes we are!! I just did not have time to switch it yet or pick the next... I will :yes:
  3. ^^ Could it please be something benefitting animals/animalshelters?
  4. Direct Relief also has links to disasters like the Southern California fires and the earthquake in Peru.

    It seems like people have the opportunity to choose where they want their money directed.
  5. We need to do something for the holidays- those that do not have what many do. I need to do some research and put up a link!
  6. It does not have to be now but I would REALLY appreciate it if you looked into having some charity that helps the genocide going on in Darfur. I have been into this for over a year but it seems most of the world is not aware of whats going on. Thanks Megs!