Charity event comes to SF--20%!

  1. This sounds really similar to what's going on in the OC. The card/donation in SF is for the Susan G. Koman foundation and is $50.00.

    My SA from the SF store called me and gave me the heads up, and I guess I should be getting a flyer in the next couple of days. All bags will be eligible for the 20% off and it works at 30+ Bay Area stores.

    Happy shopping! Apparently, my SA ordered a clutch for me when I happened to inquire if it was available. I guess now I'm stuck buying it, huh? :shrugs::yes:

  2. Oh noes, not the knot clutch! :biggrin:

    Will you get 20% off of it???
  3. I'm pretty sure that's the only way I'd get one!
  4. Oooh!!!

    Can't wait for pics! :choochoo:
  5. Thanks so much for posting this, great to get a deal and great to give money to Komen.
  6. OMG, thx for sharing the news !!!
  7. I feel terrible for all those guys in Southern Calif. Good on you for supporting the charity!
  8. Do you know if the BV SF store would charge sales tax to ship to NC? ( no BV boutique in NC, I believe that is the determining factor).

    If you purchase this card on line, then I assume you can call the BV Boutique, order your bag by phone and get the 20% ?

    (This sounds too good to be true! How exciting! If only I could get over the guilt of buying two bags in as many months......)

    Thanks for answering my questions.
  9. ^^ I just called my SA for you. No sales tax since there isn't a BV there and you can phone in an order. I'm going to PM you! :okay:
  10. I just got a letter from Roberto about this! I guess no tax for me either as I'm now in WA. Hmmm. I don't really have a wishlist right now though! I am so happy with my current BV collection.
  11. I called the store earlier today and tried to see if an order can be placed - Roberto picked up the phone - glad that order was made, very thrilled to get 20% off with no sales tax shipped to CT! Thanks DOUBTFULGUEST!
  12. Glad to hear people can make use of this!!

    whatdidyougetwhatdidyouget?!?!?! Roberto is the best!
  13. So you bought the card online and then simply called the boutique and got the discount? Just trying to figure out how this works and if it would be valid for someone from outside the U.S.
  14. I called the boutique and mentioned to them about the charity event with the current promotion, then placed the order though Roberto (Yes he is so helpful, unbelievelable!)
    The charity will charge me separately for the donation. Call and ask them.

    Doubtfulguest - if you checked out my previous logs, it might give you a hint! :smile: