Charity Auction for Selma Blair's Venetia

  1. Seventeen magazine is auctioning celebrity-owned handbags for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. One of them is a black Venetia from Selma Blair. It's already up to $860!:shocked: It's comes with a note where Selma calls it her "favorite" bag.:smile: Other bags/celebs include a Prada from Reese Witherspoon and and a Kooba from Hillary Duff. Check it out!

    eBay: Selma Blair's Marc Jacobs Bag-Seventeen Charity Auction (item 190029276981 end time Sep-23-06 21:00:00 PDT)
  2. It is going to be really interesting to see what these auctions end at. There are still six days left before they end. I saw the red Karolina is over $1000 already. Great cause and I hope that they raise lots of money with the MJ bags on auction!
  3. I think it was a great idea! I hope they make a killing and raise plenty of money for their cause.
  4. Oh wow...I hadn't even noticed the Karolina. Cool! I've been watching some of the auctions too - I hope they make a lot of money!!:yes:
  5. Great bags for a great cause! I hope they do really well...what a great idea!
  6. I think the Venetia Selma is auctioning is actually one of the very first Venetia bags produced. It was one of the first bags made with the silver padlocks, and I remember that yellow lining. Does the auction say if its suede or canvas? If it is an "original" than the price might go pretty high, especially since it comes with a note from the celebrity owner
  7. Something strange happened with the red MJ bag from Jamie Spears. I could have sworn that the bidding was up to $1350 or something and now it is back down to $750??

    Yes, I agree that Selma's bag will go for a lot. Have you guys looked at some of the other auctions. Wow! They are going to raise a TON! So great!
  8. Wow! Hillary Duff's Kooba is up to $3,300. Reese Witherspoon's Prada is now at $7,600 - the highest of all.
  9. I had my eye on SJP's bag - not at those prices tho :sad:
  10. wow. these bags are going for alot of $$$$. I'm thinking about bidding on the Venetia but it's already up to $960 with 5 days to go. I hope they raise a ton of $$$
  11. I noticed that too! I think it's the canvas exterior, and trimmed with leather and suede interior. Those are rare! I saw a red one on eBay a while back but not another since.
  12. Speaking of Selma Blair, what does "Love, Light, and Abundance" mean??? Interesting...
  13. I saw that, too! When I last saw the bidding, it was up around $2K. I remember that because I didn't know who Jamie Spears was, and why her handbag would be such a hot item.
  14. Is she Britney's sister?
  15. I have the red one, it's got a suede lining and the exterior is like a woven coated straw with the antiqued brass hardware. The exterior is trimmed in leather.
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