Charity and Hermès

  1. I got an interesting mail today in the post. It was an invitation from Hermès about a charity lunch that they're organizing on AIDS/HIV in two weeks. I didn't know that Hermès itself organized charity lunches and I would have loved to go, unfortunately, I'll be out of the country in the next two weeks. Oh, well, next time!

    Have you ladies been to any Hermès charity lunches?
  2. Hermes charity lunches? That sounds amazing! No, I've never been to one, I don't even know there's one.
  3. ^^ I was really surprised when I opened the invitation. The lunch was also going to be in the best hotel in my city ... yummy food! Just imagine the eye candy there of the ladies with their H bags!
  4. La Van, I think you should INSIST they move the date if it is inconvenient for you!:yes: :lol: The event sounds dreamy...:s
    But to answer, I have been to charity events, but none connected to Hermes.:sad:
  5. ^^Wouldn't that be great?!!! I did call my store manager though and said that I can't come. He had a very disappointed sound in his voice. :crybaby:

    I think I'll ask when the next one will be and I'll volunteer to be in the organizing committee! :yes:
  6. every now and then, our little store here would have cocktail evening events usually coinciding with a launching of the season's RTW collection (most recent was their fine jewelry launch) benefitting a certain charity. sadly, none of those events i was able to attend. pictures and party details usually makes it in our local fashion magazine pages.....

    too bad, lavan, there would have been numeorus exotic H sightings to write about.....
  7. have not heard about a charity hermes here but have been invited to a hermes photographic auction here in dublin .....
  8. i'm was invited to one in the past but unfortunately my DH was too sick to attend. lol - he was afraid for me to go alone... hehehe, he knows how fond i am of hermes - that plus the fact that whatever i spend is going towards a good cause, well.. talk about no holds barred!
  9. I called my store manager again today and apparently this is the first time H in my town is organizing a charity lunch. They plan to do it once a year and he hopes that many people who are invited come.

    I asked what do you do there, and he said, "Eat, eat, and eat!" :lol:
  10. Now THAT's my kind of party! :lol: