Charity activity &LV

  1. I will be involved in lots of Charity activities in my workplace, even will be doing leader role. Do you think it is appropriate to do that with LV stuff?:confused1:

  2. What do you mean by this?? wear LV? carry LV ?
  3. Yes, carry LV or I may consider to buy a shawl as well.
  4. It depends what type of Charity event are you talking about?
  5. i.e. United Way?:sweatdrop:
  6. i think it is ok as long as they are not logo...? IMO epi, suhali, even damier is fine.
  7. I think it would be acceptable to carry/wear LV for this type of fund raiser.
  8. :jammin: Thanks girls.

  9. Totally agree....Let us know what you decide to take..
  10. As long as it's something that's really sublte it should be fine...
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