1. I got the idea to post this after posting my admiration for Elton John in the Elton John thread . . . .

    What charities do you support (or would like to) and why?

    Elton John AIDS Foundation
    I love the fact that, despite the fact that he has so much he gives back so much to the gay community. (And not just in the gay community, because AIDS affects everyone.)

    Elton John AIDS Foundation

    Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
    Breast cancer affects so many women (and a few men). It's wonderful that nowadays, if it's caught early enough, a breast cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. (I'm praying that that will be the case with HIV / AIDS at some point.)

    Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

    The American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals
    (The ASPCA)

    I love animals, and I love the fact that this is an organization that actually cares about animals. When Hurricane Katrina hit, the ASPCA was there to make sure the animals left behind got out safely. (And then helped to reunite the animals with their owners.)

    All three of my cats were adopted from animal shelters. When I worked at Macy*s, I had the option of donating a little bit of my paycheck to a charity of my choice. In rememberence of my cat Lucky, I picked the ASPCA.

    ASPCA: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

    The Smile Train
    At my various jobs, I'll see customers come in with the smallest scar running from just below their nose to just above their upper lip. Judging from the scar, they must've been born with a cleft lip and had it surgically corrected.

    In developing countries, children are born with cleft lips / cleft palates and their families can't afford the surgery. They can't eat or drink properly. They can't get jobs. They can't smile. It's so sad.

    I love how The Smile Train makes it so that these children are able to get the surgery.

    (I'm very vain about my face, so I can't imagine some poor child going through something like that!)

    The Smile Train – International Charity Providing Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery for Children

    Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

    Children's Hospital Boston

    I've had surgery at both of these hospitals, and they really took care of me over there.

    Ethos Water
    For every bottle of water purchased, five cents goes towards helping developing countries get clean drinking water. It's something so simple and something we take for granted, but we need to remember that other countries don't have that. Without clean water, they can't live properly.

    Ethos Water: About Ethos

  2. susan g. komen breast cancer foundation & i also donate things i don't use anymore to the salvation army.
  3. I sponsor 3 kids through Wolrdvision 2 girls, one from Guatemala and one from Mozambique and one boy from Bangladesh.

    Around Christmas i donate to either Unicef or wordlvision between $200 to $1000 depends on how much money is leftover from Christmas shopping

    Give old clothes to charity
    and buy Bandaged Bear to support the children's hospital, buy a Daffodil to support and also donate extra to the cancer research institue, wear jeans for genes day and donate money, buy a bandana from Canteen to show my support for young people with cancer, buy a pink ribbon to support breast cancer, buy a red nose or pen to suppport sudden infant death syndrome research. It's only a bit of money for each... but i guess every bit counts :smile:
  4. SPCA, American Red Cross (especially after Hurricane Katrina), Ronald McDonald House, and Habitat for Humanity.
  5. I've been disenchanted with quite a few charities lately like Habitat for Humanity and Locks of Love, but these are the ones that I support:

    Susan G. Komen
    Alex's Lemonade Stand (Their main office in Philly was just robbed, honestly who steals from a charity!?)
    Red Cross
  6. I have a major issue with many of the charities in the UK. Many of them recently have been threatened by the goverment to have their charitable statue removed unless they cash in some of their investments (we are talking in the millions here) & use it to work for the charity, not just gain interest & growth! Also many of the charities over here have board memebers on excessively high salaries. For example, the current chairman of the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) is on £120K a year plus expenses. just him!! thats not to mention his staff & all the other board members!!! grr! just makes me so mad!!!! Why not find a retired company chariman who is happy to do the job in his spare time?? rather than make it a choice career for a city fat cat!

    The problem I have with charity shops also is the level of the donation that actually reaches the charity. I know this is not the case in all charities, but Oxfam (just about the biggest there is!), for every £1 their shops take, only 10p of it goes to the cause. The rest is used to pay middle & upper management wages & advertising campaigns & other 'costs' which they never disclose. I know this for a fact as I volunteered in an Oxfam shop but left in disgust at this policy.

    Then theres the 'chuggers' Charity Muggers who wear tabbards & stalk you as you walk around town, trying to shame you into handing over your bank info & setting up direct debits to charity. What they fail to explain (& I always point out to them, loudly:biggrin:) is that under their agreement, the company they work for, not the charity, gets the first THREE YEARS of subscriptions!!!!!!!!!!(the git in the tabbard also gets a fat commison) The charity only gets the funds that still have direct debits in place after this three year period. Serious questions need to be asked of the charities that use these agencies to get donation subscriptions for them. Its not tiny backstreet charities either, its huge ones, Gt. Ormond st, Shelter, RNLI, Barnardos etc! all household names.

    I only give to Animal charities in particular Greyhounds in Need. I am very actively involved in this charity(I help to get rescued dogs rehomed, raise awareness of the situation, lobby the uk goverment to step in & act etc) & stopping the appalling abuse & torture of ex hunting/racing dogs. Greyhounds in Need (Anne Finch's Charity against atrocities in Spain inflicted on Greyhounds) - Main Page

    I do give to other animal charities but only after I have done a lot of investigating into their policies & fund management.

    When I give to charity, I give to CHARITY, not to some company fat cat! grr! it makes me so mad!!

    ok, I'll get off my soap box now.
  7. Cheetah Conservation Fund - Cheetah Conservation Fund - you can "adopt" a baby cheetah or a whole family of cheetahs, I sent my sister an adopted baby cheetah for her birthday, she loved it. Plus I now donate every paycheck to them.

    I also donate to my college alumni, (law school alumni is too rich, LOL) and disaster specific relief, like that earthquake in Qom, Iran and the Tsunami. I donate work clothes to a dress for success group that helps disadvantaged women get better jobs.

    I'd like to send some money to Lebanon, but I need to figure out which charity to send it to.

    Its true, you really need to research overhead costs and see how much of your dollar actually goes to your cause. I.e. I've heard races for "insert cause" actually cost alot of money and very little goes to the cause - I don't know about particular races.
  8. I donate to 3 charities:
    Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
    Humane Society of the USA
    St Judes Children
    I try to give every 2 weeks to a much as possible at that time.

    I also donate belongings to the Salvation Army
  9. Great rant, ParkAvenuePrincess! Since you are in the UK, have you heard of wiccaweys? Paul and Sarah run a rescue for working sheepdogs and border collies, they are great people. Sorely in need of donations though!

    Wiccaweys Rescued Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs

    I donate to wiccaweys as well as local animal welfare organisations.
  10. On a regular basis I support:

    UCARE (United Coton de Tulear Associate for Rescue and Education) HOME

    Small Paws (Bichon Frise Rescue) Small Paws® Rescue

    Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Home Page

    I also make occassional donations to other causes such as to help women who are victims of domestic violence or those who have survived terrorist attacks.

  11. I donate to the HSUS and the ASPCA. We also donate food to soup kitchens, clothes and stuff we don't use anymore to a local church, and supplies, like food and litter, to the local SPCA.
  12. thanks passerby :biggrin: I think the term 'hit a raw nerve ' applies here!:biggrin: sorry. Its just a really import issue I have very, very strong feelings on.

    I'm not saying don't give to charity, or all charities rip you off etc. Far from it. I don't think enough is done by 99.9999% of humans to help charities. My issue is that many unscrupulous peopel have seen these charities as a way for them to make a big fat living. That make sme sick. you have little old ladies leaving their entire life savings to the RNLI (lifeboats association) thinking its going to help save lives at sea when in fact, its going to buy every member of their board a new £70k Jag a year. (again, I can prove this with pictures if any one wants as their head quarters are about 250 yards from my house. Thier parking bays are like a Mayfair garage!)My advice would always be to donate (not just money & clothes but time & any applicable skills you have, they often get forgotten about) to a smaller, local charity. its rare that a smaller charity will waste their donations in such a way.

    I hadn't heard of them though, thanks! I ll certainly take a look into it & see if I can help:biggrin:

    oh, in the mean time, if the are any ladies on here who can knit, we are urgently trying to get enough coats made for greyhounds to kepp them warm through the spanish winters. If anyone can help please see

    Greyhounds in Need (Anne Finch's Charity against atrocities in Spain inflicted on Greyhounds) - Main Page
    you'll find all the info on there. thanks very much!
  13. Thanks for the info ParkAvePrincess - I'll definitely be looking into this for any future charity subscriptions.

    I support the Clinic Clowns, Oxfam and Down Syndrome Association.
  14. ParkAvenuePrincess, no need to say sorry at all - I agree with you.

    Re animal shelters in the US, there are so many local shelters badly in need of funding (please check out a thread by bagnshoofetish on animal shelters).

    Is there an organisation similar to this in the UK?

    Crafters For Critters | Shop independent, help animals in need.

    Independent designers donate their work to help animals in need. Several greyhound rescues have benefitted from this.

    Hope those greyhounds in Spain get as many coats as possible.
  15. The Joyful Hearts Foundation

    There was an article about this in Cosmo a couple months ago. Mariska Hargitay (Detective Benson from Law & Order SVU) started a charity to help women who have been raped. It's called The Joyful Heart Foundation.

    The Joyful Heart Foundation

    It introduces dolphin therapy to help victims of sexual assault.

    This is quoted from their flash video:
    "For survivors of sexual assault, it's an assault on the mind, body and soul. The effects of sexual assault can be felt long after the body heals. In the wake of an assault, layers need to be peeled back to see that your core self is still there. The Joyful Heart Foundation works to provide healing and recovery for victims of sexual assault through dolphan-human interaction in the wild. The healing and recovery process is mental physical emotional, spiritual, social, environmental in a single experience."

    I remember swimming with dolphins when I was on vacation in St. Maarten. I remember just feeling this peace swimming and watching the dophins swim underneath me. I swam with them because I always wanted to and it was part of my vacation. If I felt that kind of peace and serenity from just doing it as a vacation experience, imagine the benefits a victim of sexual assault would get out of swimming with dolphins.