Charities for the Holidays/December

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  1. I am a tad late on this, but I want to make sure that it is brought to everyone's attention!

    Many of us are very lucky to have so much in our lives. Especially during the Holidays it is important to give back as much as you can. Donate clothes, give food, send toys, but do something to give to those that are hoping to have a warm meal, warm clothes, and maybe a little 'luxury' of their own.

    Here are some great charities to keep in mind. Please add your favorites to the list for the Holidays!!

    Thank you everyone!!!!!!

    This is an organization put together by our very own tlloveshim and her husband! This is a great cause to one of our own who is trying to help the lives of many.

  3. PrincessMe added this earlier this week:

    I had to pass along this site

    They have amazing stuff that is donated ..designer bags, shoes, clothing, artwork, antiques...everything!! they have chanel, manolo's, the even recently had LV vintage trunks!!

    everyday the site is updated so check back often!! if ur in NY you have to go by!

    Housing Works is the nation's largest non-profit minority-controlled AIDS service organization. Our mission is to reach the most vulnerable and under served among those affected by the AIDS epidemic in New York City, primarily homeless persons of color whose positive HIV diagnoses are complicated by a history of chronic mental illness and/or chemical dependence, and provide them with a comprehensive range of services designed to help them gain stability, independence, and dignity, and improve their overall health.

    At the heart of our mission is our commitment to advocating for the systemic changes necessary in public attitudes, policies and laws to ensure that AIDS and public health policies at all levels of government are both sound in concept and equitable in administration. More information is available on our parent site at
  4. Just before the Christmas season, I sent my dad a list of charities that meant something to me. I wanted him to consider them for his annual Christmas charitable donation. Charities such as the Humane Society and Elton John's AIDS Foundation were on the list.

    Lately, I got to thinking about what Megs said - the importance of giving to the 'have nots' around the Christmas season.

    That got me thinking: What's worse: having nothing to begin with, or having things and then losing them all?

    One charity my dad has decided on is his local children's center that helps disadvantaged children.
    Maybe people could donate to their local children's centers.

    I requested he maybe send something to the people affected by the California Wildfires:

    Between the two of us, I think both bases are covered.
  5. Thank you for the information :heart:
  6. Great initiative. I will give things to a local charity this year.
    My Company has its own children charity and does a lot for children organisations accross the world, and gives away tons of toys during XMas...(and keeps quiet about it). It´s important for me to know my employer has strong ethics and is generous.
  7. ^^ :tup:
  8. Megs, thank you for doing this! I'm sorry that I must disagree that this forum is all about shallow obsessing! There's nothing shallow about the gals and guys on TPF!

    Happy Holidays, everyone!
  9. (humane society)
  10. I second all these, especially Every year we support them, "buying" at least 2 animals. This year I bought a book for our grandson about the organization, so he can learn the joys of true giving.
  11. My favorite charity remains the one that helps Cambodian children get an education -- in travelling the world, I've never met a warmer group of people who truly have nothing material and could live on the price of a handbag for several years:

    And if you like the idea of helping people help themselves, there's nothing better than microlending ($25 at a time) through
  12. ITA with the ASPCA. They do great work.
  13. ^^:yes: my son has been a proud ASPCA guardian member.

    also, we recently got to know about Ryan's Well from our friend and I will add this to my charity of choice.