Charged US$100 for shipping a CC holder???!!!

  1. Hi, I just won an auction for a Chanel CC holder which ended at $100.

    As if she didn't want to let it go at that price, the seller charged me $100 for postage and handling.

    She charges $10 for local and I asked her if she can ship to Australia, if not, is it possible for her to send to a friend in the US.

    She was OK with both options (to either one) days ago.

    Today I asked her how much shipping to Aus is (the USPS website states that express priority for articles up to 1 pound in weight is about $25).

    She sent me an invoice of $100 for the CC holder and $100 for postage.

    I told her if I think postage is unreasonable, send the item to my friend (local post).

    Crazy.. I'm fuming..
  2. W T F ??:wtf:

    If she doesn't agree to do that I would report to eBay for EXCESSIVE SHIPPING
  3. That's insane!
  4. just so I really understand. . .
    you didn't ask her BEFORE the auction was over?
  5. if they'r not willing to see their item go at a low price than they shouldnt have posted it. $100 shipping would be like shipping the cc holder around the earth 3 times plus.
  6. Sounds to me like she didn't want to pay extra fees by selling it for $200 (or setting a reserve) so she made up for it in the shipping price. This falls under the circumventing eBay fees category, I believe.

  7. I asked her way before the auction ended

    "Hi, how much is express postage to Australia? If you don't ship to Australia, can you ship to a friend in AZ?"

    Her reply was

    "Yes, too either one."

    (She really typed "too")

    She stated in the auction that flat rate domestic shipping is $10, but she didn't answer the question on how much express shipping to Aus is.


  8. She didn't state the $100 shipping prior to auction end. I guess I should just get her to ship to AZ??

    $10 and $100 is a HUGE difference..
  9. it's a HUGE difference indeed and totally NOT right.:nogood:
    But the first thing I notice is a Buyer should never agree to purchase w/o knowing first the shipping charges.
    It's awesome that she's willing to ship elsewhere:yes:

    It is against eBay policy to try and rip people so bad on shipping, but I don't know their exact position if you buy w/o knowing the shipping price first/not being stated in their auction.
    If you pay via Paypal, is there recourse if you went through w/ it being shipped to AU?
  10. I'm not sure about paypal protection.. but I thought for a $100 item, it's not too risky, I think.. As long as the item is being sent with tracking number, complain can be filed. As the buyer, I'm safe. B

    The thing with sending to another address is that the seller might be scammed by the buyer (who uses someone else's paypal account).. That way, if the owner of the account complains, the seller takes responsibility.

    My bad, I should have kept on asking her about the cost even though she agrees to ship somewhere else..

    If she can't lower her postage cost, I guess I can get her to ship elsewhere locally with the $10 flat rate she stated in the auction (and she agreed to days ago)..

    What do you think, Swanky?
  11. i would just have her send it to your friend.
  12. Some sellers try to make extra $$ of so call handling charges. Such scam! Keep your email as proof.
  13. Hi. Last week the ebay postal caclulator was bumping weights up. I would ask her the weight of the package & figure out the shipping. It is possible it was an error with the ebay calculator (I doubt it but you might want to check). It was bumping my stuff up to 8 lbs when they weighed 2-3 lbs.
  14. I gave her the USPS web postage calculator..

    She said she'll send locally to my friend..

    That's what we'll do then..
  15. ^
    Well that sounds like good news! Glad it appears to be working out!:okay: