Charged too much at Raffaello Network

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  1. I bought a bag at Raffaello Network about a month ago. Then I got the credit card statement, and I was charged almost $100 more than the total! And the bag was only $575 or something like that, so it's a pretty big difference. Has anyone here ever tried that? I sent them an e-mail asking why, as it says on their page that no extra taxes and fees will be added, but I haven't gotten a reply yet.
  2. Once I bought a PRADA tee there and was overcharged by 20 dollars.I had to call like ten times for a refund.NEVER got it.Their cust service kinda sucks.I use STYLEDROPS now instead.they are much better organized
  3. a few years ago I ordered some prada shoes and they sent me the wrong size. After spending like $100 to ship back to Italy, I never got my refund. I did a charge back on my credit card and Amex refunded me the price. Save any correspondence you have and print the web page showing the lower price and do a charge back. That will at least get their attention. Good luck.
  4. Hi,

    I was overcharged $100 bucks too just this January. So I wrote an email to them with everything laid out, the price on the site, the price I should have paid, the euros conversion and told them how much over they charged me and what to refund.

    I had to email about 3x to get this refunded - and it took a month. I also tried calling their customer service and I never got through even though I called at times they specified as their "hours".

    Just be relentless with your emails... eventually they'll get tired of writing you back. :yes:
  5. I just got home from work, and the first thing I did was check if I got an e-mail from them, and yep I did. They wrote that they were very sorry, and apparently it was due to problems converting US dollars to Euro. But I should be getting a refund within a few days. If I don't then I'll just keep writing and calling them until they get tired of me ;)
  6. BUMP!

    This just happened to me. I bought a prada costing $1475.90 total (with 19.90 shipping). I got the order confirmation stating that the above price was charged to my card. The next day I got an email saying the card could not be charged. However a few days later I got an alert from my credit card company saying I went overlimit. I got my bag today, its perfect and I love it. But they charged me $300 dollars more. That is NO joke. I had enough money in my account but since they overcharged me by 300 I got a 40$ overlimit fee..not to mention it'll be reported and lower my credit score which I try very hard to keep well. I logged onto my account area on the raffaello site and the details of the order says they charged me 1229.92 EUROS!!!! Thats $1782!! I searched raff. on this forum and couldn't find anything bad about it..everyone reccomended it saying it was legit, you don't pay taxes so you end up saving etc. I had to really search pages and pages to find this thread. I'm so upset with them, I really hope I can get my money back, and quickly. Is there a way I can have my CC company take back the overlimit fee do you think?

  7. ^^^If you've been a good customer, always paid your bill on time, never gone over your credit limit, then yes, call your credit card ASAP and explain the situation. I've had stuff like this happen before, but because I have a excellent track record with my card company, I got the mess straightened out. Another reason you NEED to get this cleared up is by going over your credit limit, your credit can and WILL move your interest rate up to the "default rate" sometimes over THIRTY PERCENT ( loosely translated: USURY!).

    Call your credit company TODAY!
  8. I just noticed I never wrote what ended up happening.
    Well I sent them an e-mail, and they said they were sorry and that I would get the money back asap, and I did. I still prefer shopping at Raffaello Network rather than Styledrops where they refused to take a bag back which had a crack in the hardware! At least Raffaello Network worked out the problem right away without complaining or giving me a hard time.
  9. Oh by the way, they said the reason why I was overcharged was because of the € to $ conversion that sometimes got messed up.
  10. ^^^Did you check with your credit card company to make sure they weren't bumping you into the "default interest rate" category because of this? You should.

  11. Did you mean me? I don't pay any interests when I use my credit card.
  12. Well, some of their items are even overpriced on occasion. I was going to buy a pair of Gucci shoes, which Raffaello priced at something like $650, went to Gucci one day just browsing, they had the shoes I wanted (at full price) but they only were retailing for $500.
  13. eeek... i was just pondering if i should buy something from them.... not sure now...
  14. I think Raffaello Network is still the best place to buy if you live outside the US (as 90% of the stores won't ship to other countries).
  15. seems like they're aware of this problem yet it's never really resolved? can one avoid this mess in the 1st place? i'm interested since i'm outside USA but i don't like the sound of the hassle :/
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