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  1. I sold a fendi spy in the amount of around 830 in June. I shipped according to the buyers request and paid for insurance out of my own pocket. Canada post lost the item while both buyer and seller tried to track down the item it was to no avail. I told the buyer that I would try to file a claim and any monies I would recover I would then pass on to her. I am now at -835 in paypal due to this false charge back. Does anyone know how long this takes. I attached all emails including the ones where the buyer states she will take full responsiblity if the bag is lost. I wrote in a letter and attached:
    • Buyers request for USPS shipping
    • Buyers admission for responsibility should anything happen to the bag
    • Buyers admission that "someone will lose money even though its Canada post mistake" and she would try to recoup the money by any means
    • Emails between buyer and seller both trying to locate the bag through respective mail
    • Letter from us post that signature required could not be obtained
    • Copies of original mailings
    I hope that is enough. I also mentioned that this seems to be a false claim and Paypal should make it so if false claims are reported they will also be fined. My account is frozen until this matter is taken care of.

  2. What do you mean by false claim? If the item was lost and not delivered then the buyer will win an item not received claim.
  3. Also, can you not file insurance claim to recover your money?
  4. False claim meaning, at no fault of my own and having the seller say that she would take full responsibilty if the bag was lost (and it was) how is it that I am charged the money. She stated in an email that she would try to recoup the money because she didnt think it was fair after I told her (and stated on ebay selling) no refunds and I was to sorry canada post lost her bag. I shipped with her method because it was cheaper and she didnt want to pay the extra. To me just because you lose money you cant blame the buyer, when really if you write your going to take responsibilty and you dont really know what that means.
  5. Didn't you pay for insurance? You need to file a claim with USPS, and get them to refund the amount insured.
  6. Heres where it gets fishy, the insurance I did out of my own heart I put 500 down on it. US post will only cover 100 dollars for international which I did not know.
  7. I paid for insurance, paypal also asked me for the tracking number, so I think they are going to check that the item was in fact lost. I hope she does get some type of compensation but not from my pocket. It was not my fault she requested that method of shipping, and if she gets her money back then what do I get, I am out of the bag and also the money.
  8. Samanthalous,

    Paypal game is different. Did you ship to a confirmed address with signature confirmation? If the buyer doesn't get the goods, she will win the claim, Paypal will refund her. It doesn't matter what the buyer has promised.

    Insurance is for seller's protection, you should have insured it to the full amount. Since you pay for the insurance, I think you can file a claim through your PO. Have you checked with them in person?
  9. beejerry - This is so unbelievable, then why do they give sellers the option to charge for insurance? If a buyer does not get insurance that should be their problem not the selers. Very upsetting, I guess I've been lucky this last year because most of my items have not been insured because the seller chose not to insure. Most of my higher end bags ($800:cursing: and up) I make sure they pay insurance.
  10. She may well indeed get her money back, even though I have in writting from her that she will take responsibilty if the item is lost. I am in the process of going through the claim with the Post office, I am just upset that she gets her money back. I am not a frequent seller so my account is -830 right now. I am out of the money and the bag but it does look like I fall under the paypal seller protection program since I fit all the requirements on their site. So I get screwed by the buyer who I was in contact with everyday, Screwed by paypal since they seem to want to refund her money, screwed since the bag is lost and I have no merchandise to resell and screwed by the post office which I am sure will put up a fight not to give me the $500. Is there no justice for Sellers.

  11. Or what about then the buyer wants to change the method of shipping because the quote of 103 dollars for the express was to much for her. She wanted the 35 dollar one and on top of that said she would take responsiblity for the item if I were to ship it the way she wanted.
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  13. when she paid you did you withdrawl the money from paypal straight into your bank account?

  14. yup, and I hardly use that account only for transactions, so they can also charge me 35.00 for not having the funds. I may be ok if paypal covers me under thier sellers protection program. I seem to meet everyone of their requirements. This whole situation just really sucks.
  15. I know this is so unbelievable. For expensive purses, make insurance required, no room for negotiation for the buyer. Do not lie on custom forms either. Protect yourself as a seller, since the buyer has Paypal and the credit card company behind her.