1. hi guys,

    I've been reading all this stuff about people doing chargebacks months after they purchase & receive the items and paypal doesn't protect the sellers! I have NEVER sold anything that wasn't 100% authentic and in exactly the description I have provided AND I have tracked every single package to make sure it was received. Call me paranoid, but after reading all these posts, now I'm scared that its gonna happen to me. :wondering Is there anyway to avoid it? Like if you cancel your paypal membership, would that help? Or can they still do it??

    any info would be great!
  2. I think your ok if you send to a confirmed address and if you can provide proof of delivery. I had a chargeback done to me, and unfortunately once I received positive feedback I destroyed the special delivery tracking slip, so couldn't prove delivery. Paypal won't protect you without this.
  3. i already emailed the receptionist in my office who does all the shipping to see if she can go back thru the system and get all of the tracking numbers for packages i sent!
  4. um, there are some rather large flaws on that site of yours regarding how to spot fakes and who sells authentic....sorry to go off topic
  5. i won't go into specifics, but paypal screws sellers too, even if you have a delivery or signature confirmation number
  6. this was aimed at designer girls post btw, it seems it has been taken down?
  7. Chargebacks can only happen within 3 months of the transaction (I believe)

    Keep all your delivery info, & emails & auction info for that amount of time & maybe a little longer, just in case. If you can provide either paypal, or the cc company (depending on where the chargeback comes from) with proof of postage AND delivery to the address you hsouldn't have any problems with that. If they are disputing authenticity or the condition of the item, always keep detailed pics of the items you are selling & keep either the original receipts & tags etc or keep copies of them, plus any other authentication inf oyou may have. I don't sell bags or high end items but if I did, I would also print off a few copies of the auction pages too, in case I haveto send those to paypal or the cc company.
    Basically providing you do your housekeeping, have a paper trail for your items & follow paypals rules, you'll be fine.

    I know there are scammers out there but honestly, the problem is not as prolific as it may seem on here! its just that the area it tends to happen in more than most is desginer goods, particularly handbags, so of course, its going to get reported a whole lot on here.
  8. with MOST credit cards you can do a chargeback for up to 6 months.
  9. NOW I have the A! PP has contracts with some countries for full refund with no tracking back to any seller I lost $ 422 on A Marc Jacobs. No PH concact long hold time
  10. Hi All,

    Just an FYI... I am a merchant and I believe the timeframe someone *can* dispute a sale is up to 1 year. :cursing:

    Very long time. So save all your receipts, delivery confirmations etc. File, file file!!! Otherwise you will be not be happy if you get a chargeback and have already dumped your ppwk.