Chargebacks & returns with Security tags?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with attaching a security tag and a buyer trying to return the bag.

    -can the buyer say that they received the bag without the security tag (even if you took pics of the bag with the tags)...can't they argue that the tag was removed by the seller before shipping to avoid any possible returns?

    -also, the return policy, is it binding with eBay and paypal, or is the buyer protected by paypal and their credit card company?

    I just sold a bag, listed my return policy and attached a security tag (and feel that I did what I could to protect myself from bait & switch). Just wondering if the return policy actually means anything... kind of like when we say "payment within 3 days" when they really have 7 days to pay.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i've been wondering about the same things as you are. i use security tags and have a quite firm t&c, but not really confident that it will save me 100% when anything happens.
  3. If they file a claim with paypal, once it shows delivered back to you, paypal will close the claim (within a couple of days )automatically. If you recieve the item back and it is not in the same condition it was when you sent it, you can appeal the claim with paypal.

    I have never had to do this, but have read about it at paypal. They make no garauntees that they can retrieve the money from the buyer, so I suggest you inspect it as soon as it is delivered and if it is different get on the phone with paypal immediately.

    If this does happen, let me know how it works.....I am curious as well.

    Good luck!
  4. I had someone buy brand new 7 For All Mankind jeans from me on eBay. Then all of a sudden they file a claim with Paypal saying "not as described". Paypal told them to return the jeans and they pulled a swap and sent me back an old gross worn out pair of jeans. Paypal refunded the $100+ for the jeans to them (they also refunded the shipping) because they had delivery confirmation to show they "returned" the jeans. They could have sent me an empty package and Paypal would have refunded them!
    When I complained to Paypal they said the only way they would consider reversing the decision was if I went to the police, filed charges and had them go after her for fraud and send them the police report in 10 days. All the police say is it is a civil matter not a criminal matter and that you need to take the buyer to court. They can't verify what you received in the mail or what you sent.
    Of course Paypal did not care the buyer had zero feedback and I have over 2000 positives and a 99.8% rating. That should have some weight on who is telling the truth.
  5. SCARY. VERY SCARY. That's why I take a hard stance with newbies. I realize we all begin at the starting gate but I'm not going to set myself up for a fall. I stand to lose too much.

    Hypothetical situation: what if the situation were reversed and a 0 feedback seller pulled the same scam? Who would PayPal side with? The reason I ask is I was considering a purchase and went into Seller's FB and saw a neg with the following comment: "Seller sent a box weighed down with scraps. No item. Lost $800.00." Needless to say, I passed on the auction.:wtf:
  6. That's terrible! I don't buy too much on ebay (I've been scammed before and Boy, did it hurt!) but I do sell on occasion and it scares me to think how people can come up with such crazy schemes.