Chargeback question?


Feb 22, 2006
I have read nightmare stories about paypal, that people who bought expensive items used chargebacks on their chargecard disputing the item wasn't what they expected, wasn't authentic, etc. If a buyer uses a debitcard from a checking/savings, can this still happen to a seller? Would the buyer have to use a true creditcard, such as a MC or Visa (not a debitcard) in order to do a chargeback? Does this chargeback only apply to ebay items or can it apply to any item sold using paypal? Thanks for clearing this up for me. I just want to protect myself as a seller as I want to sell some stuff on ebay and don't want to get burned :=)
Anyone can dispute a transaction; however, if you protect yourself then you can win the dispute.

You should read the seller tutorial at PayPal to know the steps you have to take to protect yourself as a seller.

You must ship to confirmed addresses, you must ship within 5 days of accepting payment. Do not ship items if the buyer pays with an e-check until the e-check clears.

If you protect yourself as a seller then you will win disputes with paypal, but, if you don't follow paypal's seller protection tips then you will lose the disputes.