Chargeback question...

  1. as a seller are you protected from chargeback even if you ship to an unconfirmed address? I read the fine print and from what I understand, if you have a premier or business status and ship with tracking and obtain proof of delivery I should be ok, but I do want to confirm as this is a pricey item :yes: I received paymt without a confirmed address :sad:
  2. I am paranoid, I just won't ship to an unconfirmed address.
  3. No, you are not.
  4. No, you are not protected if you ship to an unconfirmed address. The rules are pretty stringent:
    1. Ship to confirmed Paypal address
    2. Ship with tracking information and signature confirmation
    3. Ship within 7 days of receiving payment
    4. The payment is listed as "seller protection policy eligible".

    There are some other items. Here is the URL:
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