Chargeback. Paypal want tracking info, has ...

  1. ...anyone been successful in disputing a chargeback where you no longer have the tracking information.

    Apparently you are only eligible for paypal protection if the transaction is eligible and you can provide proof of tracking and receipt of goods.

    This was destroyed when the buyer gave positive feedback.

    Before I respond to paypal has anyone been in a similar situation.

    This is what paypal are asking for: :confused1:

    -The seller can provide reasonable proof-of-shipment which can be tracked online and shipped to the address on the Transaction Details page For transactions $250 or more in value the seller needs to provide a proof of
    receipt signed, or otherwise acknowledged, by the buyer. A proof of delivery from the shipper which does not contain the buyer's signature or other acknowledgement will not be sufficient. Because comparable proof-of-shipment is not currently available for electronically-delivered items, we are currently unable to offer Seller Protection for digital goods and other electronically-delivered intangible item.
  2. I guess you didn't print off your shipping label using Paypal? If you did you can go into the transaction and find the delivery confirmation number.

    If you paid at the post office, do you think they might be able to pull a copy of the transaction if you can remember the approximate day/time you went and paid for shipping?
  3. Hi Juniormint
    Unfortunately I didn't use paypals shipping label.

    I have been in touch with Royal Mail and provided the date sent, address sent to, and post office sent from, but without the tracking number they say they can't help.

    Thanks for your help though.

    Regards F&G
  4. Oh, that is too bad that they cannot help you further. What did she say in the feedback that she left you?
  5. Lovely item, wonderful seller, A+++++++++++++++
  6. was it a stolen credit card?
  7. No. Husbands credit card, wife used it. Now divorcing and he's told cc company that he didn't authorise it. :cursing:
  8. Oh no, F&G, how tiresome - this is the last thing you need.

    I am puzzled though - the tracking details are presumably needed to show that the item was delivered, but the feedback she left is also evidence that she received an item from you. However, it sounds like the essence of the claim is that this was unauthorised use in which case I am unsure how tracking would help anyway? :shrugs: as the issue is the wife buying goods without the husband's approval.

    Am I being very dense? It is always possible . . .!
  9. No your not being dense, and this is one of my arguments to Paypal. I've made an official complaint to their head office in London, as I am trying to fight this chargeback, and Paypals lack of protection or support.

    However Paypal keep asking for tracking........
  10. How infuriating and stupid of them - mad, mad, mad. Can you get to speak to someone real about the very individual circumstances of this particular case? This is not the average chargeback situation at all is it and it seems like someone with some intelligence needs to start listening to you and release you from all this time-wasting activity.
  11. I sent a letter of complaint, and what did paypal do.....they emailed me one of their really 'supportive' standard responses. :cursing:

    So I'm composing another response, rather scathing, but asking if they could extend the same courtesy of responding in writing, and also to provide a named contact who will be dealing with my complaint, so that if I want to contact someone I can.

    The email told me a top investigator would look into my case, but never gave a name or direct number or anything. :confused1:

    Its infuriating because one of my complaints was the fact that they have in the past ignored my emails. When I have had a response everytime its someone different and they only give their first name.

    I agree this isn't a standard chargeback and I have threatened that if I don't get a satisfactory resolution I intend to take this to the Financial Ombudsman and the small claims court.
  12. Maybe it's a long shot, but did you sent the buyer an email with the tracking number when you dropped this at the post office? If so, hopefully you saved it in your sent items....
  13. Nope, I've got nothing. But thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Try to call Paypal from my earlier experinces Paypal don't exactly give good support trough mail if any at all :S
  15. F&G

    I had something similar. I went to my local post office here in Edinburgh where I sent it from and you know when you send it they take the small part of the number and stick it in their book? Well I remembered the date and the amount and the post officey guy went back a few pages found it and gave it to me. Voila!

    Good luck