Chargeback in the waiting!!

  1. Ok so a few weeks ago I had a charge back on my account so im being really careful about payments, confirmed addresses etc. My listings state I only accept paypal from confirmed addresses and that only addresses in the UK, CANADA and USA can be confirmed!
    So I sold a scarf last night, she paid and I checked her paypal address- confirmed- great she read my auction! Then i get this message-

    hi, i have won and paid for the scarf, as you see my paypal/eBay account is a business one and i have taken 1/2 term off and will on holiday, could you please send the parcel to my home address? it would save me having to collect from the sorting office on my return, and they often lose parcels at the sorting office (i have lost 2 parcels in 4 weeks both were recorded delivery and returned to the sorting office as i wasnt at work and sadly never seen again!)
    many thanks

    What lost 2 parcels?? Her feedback only shows 3 transactions. I messaged her back saying that out of the 900 transactions I had completed on eBay over the past 6 yrs I have only ever had 2 parcels go missing. And that for me to be covered by paypal seller protection I had to send to her confirmed address. Then I get this reply!

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]ok , do send it tomorrow and if it does go missing we'll have a claim on our hands that can be easily settled through paypal. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]many thanks [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]matilda[/FONT]

    WHAT?? So she is saying if I send it to her confirmed address it is going to get lost and she is going to put a claim in. Im going to post it tomorrow it will be with her Tuesday!

    Am I looking to much into this? - I can not afford another chargeback!
  2. Send it to her confirmed address with signature & insurance.
  3. I agree. As long as you have signature confirmation and insurance, you will be fine. If for some reason it does get lost, you can make a claim for the insurance and get your money back. You'll be out the shipping cost, but that's better than being out the whole amount of your item.
  4. Not sure how the USPS works but with Canada Post, if they lose or damage your package, original cost of shipping is refunded as well as the insured amount.

    If the amount paid is less than $250US, be sure you insure it and get tracking. If it is over $250US you must also have signature confirmation on the package. You will then be covered with PayPal.
  5. Send it to her when she gets back from holiday. If it is only going to sit at work, it will prob be safer to sit at your place
  6. I am only covered by seller protection if i post within 7 days of receiving payment!
  7. If you follow all the rules of Paypal in regards to sending the package - send to confirmed address, signature, insurance, within the right time period, etc. - then you should be completely covered. I would also make sure I empty my Paypal account as soon as you ship, to make sure that if she does file a claim she doesn't get the money back out of my account.
  8. don't send to her house. if she knows that packages get lost at her office, she should have updated her credit card to show her home address. it's not your fault that she'll have to "sort through" packages when she gets back from vacation. BIG DEAL! i'm saying "NO!" to unconfirmed addresses after you told us what happened to you before.
  9. how annoying!
    paypal really needs to do something about the chargeback policy and start protecting sellers, not just buyers. buyers nowdays think that they can just easily claim they money through paypal when things go wrong. i am removing paypal payment options from all of my listings. they seem to do more harm than good for me.
  10. You would think this buyer could get her home address confirmed then especially with all the trouble she's having with her business adress. I mean, can't she do that?? I would definitely make sure you cover all your bases on this one & mail to the confirmed address only.
  11. She can easily get her home address confirmed if she adds a credit card that is billed to her home address. I would email her that option. I can't even confirm my work address because I don't have any credit card bills going to that address.
  12. This is so strange, I'd never use my business address as billing address. It's a personal purchase and should be tie to a home address. Unless I'm the business owner, then I would not have problem receiving packages.

    As others have suggested, post it w/ insurance and signature confirmation. Cover yourself in all terms and save all the emails from this buyer. Or if you want to be safe, cancel the transaction, issue a refund and block her!