Chargeback help!

  1. I wrote a rant awhile ago about a insane buyer! IT was titled troubled customer!

    But now she's trying to do a chargeback for something else she purchased from me a LONGGGG time ago.

    She filed a complaint in January about something she purchased at the end of December. Paypal sided in my favor. So because she didn't get any money back from it she filed a chargeback for something she purchased from the BEGINNING of December. An item that was passed the 45 day paypal policy.

    What do I do with a chargeback? I already supplied the proof again.

    Please help.
  2. No help:sad:
  3. If paypal have notified you of the chargeback then it within their time which I thought was 90 days? You will just have to reply to it & provide the information that they require. What a bummer! Good luck!
  4. Sorry to hear this. This is an example of why CCs are bad news for sellers. :sad: They protect you as a buyer but can be a real pain to sellers. Just provide Paypal with all the documents they require - tracking number, receipts, point them to the feedback that the buyer already left you, etc. I really hope that you win this! Show us that Paypal does try to fight CC companies to protect sellers!

    I've lost to a chargeback even though I had proof of post and proof the buyer received the item. They did a chargeback a month after receiving the item. The item was sent back to me USED and without the tag. Paypal did nothing. They said the buyer did chargeback through their CC, so there was nothing they could do.

    I'm in OZ so no seller protection. I hope you do! Good luck!
  5. Hope this one works out for you. I thought that if you did everything required under Seller Protection (send with DC, confirmed address etc), then if you win a paypal claim, they will protect you against a charge back. If possible, you should call them by telephone, they've always been very helpful with me on the phone, and should hopefully explain the next steps to you.
  6. I will definitely call them.

    well the dispute she opened that recently have been closed was sided in my favor, but not after 2 months from a previous sale, because she didn't win that dispute she's just filing charge backs with whatever she's purchased through CC.
  7. Oh, chargesbacks, hate them.

    I don't use paypal anymore, since I have a negative balance with them. Due to a wrongful charge back way back when. Bag was sent out, money was taken away, but thank God i took ou the money before they did the charge back.

    From my situation, nothing was done and I was finished w/ paypal!!!

    HOpe everything goes well for you.
  8. Pay Pal protects only buyers, believe me.
    I just lost 1600$ because a thief buyer, made a chargeback with her credit card after 3 months!!!
    She pretended to say bag had a fault because it could not be closed with locks when it was perfect when I sent it because I took from Versace boutique in Milan and everything was perfect. Then, I shipped the snap bag with 3 Medusa belts and she never returned my items.
    I showed receipts and everything, but Pay Pal answered "it's business risks" and suggested me to address to a lawyer (so I'd spend other money for the lawyer too!), only because I did the bad thing not to send it insured with value written on receipt, to make her a pleasure and let it get quickly and avoid import taxes. So she said she didn't get belts, while she did, on the contrary. I have proof she got it and found stupid excuses, because maybe she used it and now she's tried of it!
    Now, I must pay this amount to Pay Pal being in passive status with them, and I've been cheated twice: not bag,nor belts back and I cannot use my Pay Pal account until I pay this amount.

    This is ridiculous and caused me many troubles, because I feel so frustrated being a honest seller and being a Pay Pal member since 6 years.

    Pay Pal is a crap and eBay too, since they see only their interests and it's becoming an illegal market to sell cheap and fake items, to Brands detriments.

    Only a few sellers like me and some others try to sell seriously, but when these events happen, you think honesty isn't worth.

    A lot of bad sellers and cheaters keep on selling and eBay don't say anything, just because they earn listings fees,Final Value fees and so on and Pay Pal pretends to close eyes when it's necessary.

    Be careful of those who pay with Pay Pal because sometimes there are people like the one I encountered who let you lose in one time all money earnt in 3 months.

    Bye from a very upset honest seller
  9. I am sorry to hear that. This is so unfair.

    It happened to me,too.
    1 month after I sold something I got a chargeback and the person said that she never got it. I gave PayPal the tracking number to proof that the item must have arrived. But I lost the case.
    I lost money and my items.
  10. Well good thing I have absolutely no money in my account. And it sounds like paypal will favor with you in the same situation until it comes to chargebacks.

    What other accounts such as paypal is good to buy and sell online with?