Chargeback, Dispute, No one willing to help!!

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  1. I recently bought a bag from a seller and paid through paypal on top using my CC. When I received it the bag was much more beat up than pictured and the condition was just awful. I contacted the seller who stated all sale final, finally agreed to take it back with 15% restocking fee. Which means I still have to pay $200 for a falsely advertised item!! :cursing:

    I heard all these stories about how badly paypal handle SNAD dispute so I decided to go directly to my CC. Full of hopes that they will be on my side, not only I received terrible customer service, on top I was told that they will not do anything against the seller's policy. Meaning that if the seller only do partial refund, they cannot do a forceful chargeback for the rest of the credit.

    Now my question is, is there any way to do this smartly? I don't know since when did the customer have such restricted right, when I was a seller years ago I had a customer did a forced chargeback on me and he got every penny back including shipping even before returning the mechandise (and even I listed all sales final?) Now I am told that I cannot do any charge back until the seller received the item and only if they refuse to credit me after 15 days. Then I can file a claim, but only for the amount the seller agree to refund? That is I need to pay the 15% restocking fee if I want to return, is like take it or leave it situation :yucky:

    Just for information my CC is Discover, I thought their policy was very good that's why I used it. Now when I really have a problem I found them very unhelpful..... :crybaby:

    Please help!!!!!! :sad:
  2. Are you in Asia? Cc companies in Asia can't do chargeback whatever the head company, so sad... May you'd negotiate the restocking fees with your seller or exchange with another better bag?
  3. Sadly I am in USA and the CC policy is still not protecting me. The seller already stepped back from no refund to a restocking fee, I doubt he will reduce on the fee and on top of course I will need to pay for shipping to send it back and pray that he signs for it :crybaby:
  4. Don't pay for $200! It's his fault not to describe item acurately! That seller sounding trying to make profit from his poor bag.

    Some tPFers ever suggested to file non-receive instead SNAD if seller ship without tracking number
  5. So sorry this happened to you. :sad:

    Hmmm, I would definitely file a report with eBay and Paypal. :yes:

    Also, leave the seller a negative, stating clearly what has happened.

    With any luck, he will want you to remove the neg. so badly, that he will refund you in full.

    Of course, you shouldn't agree to remove the neg., but even if you do after you receive the refund (of course), at least your comments will still be there to warn others. :yes:
  6. Thank you for your valuable comment lvgodiva and chloehandbags :heart:
  7. Did you file a claim with paypal? I would absolutely file a claim with paypal before sending back the bag, that way a hold will be put on $$ in his account. Don't forget to make sure your bag goes out with signature confirmation.
    Also the 15% restocking fee is outrageous!

    Is your white cat a Persian chinchilla?
  8. That sounds so unfair! Why would you have to lose money when it is clearly the seller's mistake that he/she misrepresented the condition of the item?! It is obvious that the seller can gain profits by simply getting bags returned to them. That will encourage them to keep on misrepresenting their items since they have so much to gain and nothing to lose!

    Sorry I can't be of much help. Hope things turn out ok for you.
  9. File the paypal claim and let us know what happens.
    It's so unfair to charge that kind of money for something that is clearly not your fault!
    Keep us posted!
  10. burukogepanda, take looooots of pictures. That will be your best evidence! I also think you should file a SNAD; many times the buyer is found in favor on these :yes: Let us know how it goes! Good vibes to you!