1. okay. this is the first time i've ever had a problem with some stuff i sent out. and now i'm confused (and a little hurt).

    this was back in january and she did the chargeback today. so now the funds are out of my account. does that mean she gets to keep my stuff AND my money?! i mean, that was part of my tuition money and i'm seriously screwed without it.

    so...what do i do? it says the reason is because it was unauthorized, but i really don't see how that was possible, kwim? we had talked about it (don't have the emails anymore)...

    i'm just confused.
  2. Kallison, send your tracking information and delivery confirmation to paypal as part of your dispute. I just did this too.
  3. how the heck is it unauthorized?
    did you send the items to a confirmed address?
  4. ugh. now have 4 chargebacks. great, just great.

    currently trying to dig through trash to find delivery confimation receipts from january. joy.
  5. You also need to check the transaction page, to see if it is eligible for paypal protection. To be eligible, it must have been a confirmed address, and it must state eligible on the page. In addition you need to be able to prove posting and receipt of item. Paypal should be asking for this and usually give you 7 days to provide.

    I've had the same happen to me. Unfortunately I got rid of my proof of posting when the buyer gave me positive feedback, so I am now trying to get it back through the buyer. of luck. :confused1:
  6. According to PP's policies/dictionary:

    Reducing chargeback fraud.

    Chargebacks are also used as a tool to commit credit card fraud. Fraudsters complete a legitimate transaction, receive the goods, and then dishonestly request a chargeback from their credit card company.

    There are two types of chargeback claims that can be exploited for chargeback fraud:
    • Unauthorized use. This is when a buyer reports that someone else has illegally used their credit card information to make a transaction.
      Fraudsters will often make a legitimate purchase and then claim that they never authorized the transaction.
    • Item not received or not as expected. If an item is not received, does not meet expectations, or arrives damaged, the buyer can ask their credit card company for a chargeback. Chargeback fraud occurs when a buyer deceitfully makes these claims."

    Here is the link to their Chargeback Resolution page - probably less helpful than expected but still perhaps worth reading:
  7. The horrors of Paypal! So sorry this happened to you! This happened to me too! It's been over a year and I still can't get over it! The person who scammed me got her money back whilst keeping my item! She recently auctioned my item too! :cursing: Unfortunately, I didn't have paypal seller protection coz I'm not American!! #@!##! I really hope it works out for you! You need that proof of post and proof the buyer received the item!
  8. Hope you get your money back. I really think that paypal funds should be a seperate account in a seperate bank. This way it doesn't interfere with house/school monies.
  9. For the future. Buy a binder and hole puncher. Keep records of purchase, shipping and all e-mails.
  10. kallison, what ended up happening? i was sort of confused by how the buyer could file a chargeback for something she bought back in january. i thought that buyers only had 60 days to file??!!!
  11. I have just lost out in a charge back- I had the tracking number and her emails but still lost!!!
  12. but why??! i don't understand these chargebacks... it's one thing when it's legitimate, but if you have the tracking number how could you lose the case?

  13. The person who made the chargeback was from america newly registered but had 5 feedback asked loads of questions before hand and after i kept all the emails. I sent it form the Uk to US tracked and insured to a confirmed address. She never left me feeback for the item, when I looked a month or so later she was no longer registered but still had her positive feedback showing. I then recieved the chargeback, I added all emails and tracking number to my case, paypal disputed it on my behalf as well as holding onto my funds I didnt get messaged again and 2 months later they said the chargeback was closed. I lost the money and the item!!! Now I will only ship internationaly if they pay by bank transfer - which is clearly in my lisitng and tonight again I have had two international bidders bid on my items and pay by paypal. I now refund the payment straight away and point them back to my listings where it states no international paypal no exceptions!!! And i have sold internationaly for 5 years this has been a horrible experience!
  14. wow. woooow!!! that is so crazy and i'm so sorry to hear that! so now my question is, what that seller able to get the funds back from you because you had a balance in your PayPal account? i always try to withdraw my funds so that insane/dishonest sellers like that can't get at my money, but i don't know if that really protects me from chargebacks or not.
  15. also, what was their explanation!!!??