Charge sent a new BV from Barneys

  1. Hello everyone! Was hoping you could give me some advice... I was in NYC recently and found a fab BV on sale at Barneys. The store was closing, so I didn't have too much time except to make a quick decision and charge send it home. It arrived without a dust bag or any of the enclosures. What should I do? Obviously, the bag is authentic, but I still want my enclosures. If Barneys is unable to locate that, would it be too much to ask for a further discount? Any thoughts? Thank you!:s
  2. I feel like this happens more frequently with sale bags, I think they can easily find you a dust bag but probably not the tags specific to your bag.

    It can't hurt to ask for a further discount but I don't think it's likely you'll get one to be honest.

    Would it bother you enough to make it worth not having the bag? I think that's what you need to determine.

    But more importantly... WHAT BAG?! Spill!!!
  3. Thanks for your advice. I'll give them a call. The bag is a fabulous black large Julie tote!!! :smile: I love it, but want the paperwork. The bag is in pristine condition, but??? no dust bag??? I've always received great packaging from Barneys in the past, so I'm really surprised by this rather sloppy service... The only complaint I've ever made was with Saks (when they double charged me for a Chanel bag and to boot sent me a bag I never wanted which was used) and there I got a very nice gift card to soften the blow. But with Barneys, it has always been perfect till now...
  4. ^I would certainly ask them for the dustbag. I'm sure that they could find one for you. Many congrats on your tote, did you get a good deal??
  5. did you get the original cervo leather, or is it stiffer and slightly metallicized? good deal? congrats!!!
  6. Thanks everyone! The tote was the newer metallized version. It was 1K with tax. It is the large tote which to me seems like such a statement bag. Huge and distinctive. I actually kind of prefer the slightly stiffer leather (I think it may wear better).
  7. I love the Julie malish , what a great choice! I hope you decide to keep it, I agree that it's a statement bag, exactly the type of statement I like to make too: funky, but not exaggerated.
  8. Thanks Mundo! Glad we see eye to eye! Statement or no statement, it certainly does not compare to a nero cabat!!! Congratulations on that beauty! I'm dreaming of that bag... But the 5K price is holding me back (after much$$$ spent at Chanel in the last 6 months)... The studded hobo is also one of my favorite Bottegas!!! Congratulations and I think we may have very similar tastes! :smile:
  9. Congrats on a good deal, malish! I've always loved the Julie style, and would love to see pics soon! :yes:
  10. :popcorn: Pics?
  11. ^waiting for pics, too...