May 2, 2008
I went to a store on Saturday looking for an item which the store did not have in stock. I told them I would like to do a charge send to get the item from another store. So the SA took out a piece of paper and filled out some info and told me he would contact a store to locate the item that day. He promised to email me when the item was shipped.

It's now been 5 days and have not received an email yet. When I called the store, another SA told me that the item would be sent to their store first and then it would be sent to me. My card would be charged when the item left their store.

I'm very confused because I've done charge sends at other stores and they always just charge my card and then directly ship the item to me from another store. Is this LV store just giving me the run-around?

Can someone clarify how charge-sends actually work at LV?

Because of this weird policy, I'm ending up having to pay the after price increase price as opposed to the pre-price increase price when I was in the store (or if the SA had actually done the charge-send that same day). In addition, I will be charged for shipping which after reading on here, I realized some people were getting waived! I'm seriously getting very annoyed with LV's service.


Nov 1, 2011
Ask to speak to the manager and ask them to honour the pre increase price since you had asked for a charge send on that day.

When my bf did a charge send for an item I wanted, they charged his card at the store. I don't know how the shipping works because we picked it up in store.