Charge Sends from Retail to Outlet

  1. :tup:Does anyone know if the retail store will do a charge send for you from an outlet? My closest outlet is 4 hours away and they won't do phone orders! I'm dying-the bleekers are out and I need MORE of them. Have the large flap, but would love the duffle. Also looking for the legacy 10330-heard those are gone and hard to find! eBay prices on them stink, not to mention authenticy scares!
  2. Great question...I know the outlets will do charge sends from other outlets, but it would be AWESOME if the retail stores would do them as well (my nearest outlet is 4 hours away!).
  3. I'm really doubting that they will-why would they be in business if you could go there and get a bag cheaper from the outlet! Guess I'll just have to make an all day roadtrip or find a new friend that is closer to one of the outlets!
  4. That would be nice, but I am 99.9% sure the answer is no. :nogood:
  5. I give up then! Has anyone ran across an outlet that would do a charge send?:crybaby:
  6. The only way you can get an outlet to do a charge/send is if you go into an outlet and pay there, then the other outlets ships it to you. Otherwise maybe keep checking eBay.. I bought 2 bleecker flaps at the outlet, was going to keep one for myself and checking if my mom wanted the other, no go on both so I sold them on eBay.. ended up selling them and barely breaking even after fees.. the more there are on there the lower the prices go. :yes:
  7. Oh, duh. Good point!!
  8. Yeah, after thinking about it for a few minutes, it seemed like a duh! I'm desperate though! I haven't had a bleeker fix in a while.