1. Has anyone here done a charge-send to order some items from LV? The nearest store is 2 hours away so it would be more convenient for me to do that.

    How does it work exactly (especially in Canada?)

    Dino :smile:
  2. I have done that many times because i am also a couple hours away. Once i called the 800 number and they connected with me a store that had what i wanted and i just gave them my CC info and they send me what i wanted!

    The other time i got in touch with a SA and basically did the same thing. it works out fine but i guess you really just need to know what you want when you call.

    i dont know if its the same in Canada though.
  3. I ordered my Miroir pochette from Bloor LV in Toronto and my Love 2 tote from Edmonton.

    How it works is you can call the store, ask them if the item's available and tell them you want to do a charge-send. They will take your name, number, and fax number and fax you a credit card authorization form.

    The form will have the bag model, price, and applicable shipping written on there, and you fill in your CC info and your shipping address. Then you fax it back to them, they process your order, and ship your item out as soon as possible.
  4. Thanks :smile:

    How long does it usually take to receive the item? And do you know which shipping carrier they use?
  5. when i order from hawaii, they use fedex 2 day service, but i think they ship it out by noon time, so if you order it in the afternoo, it should go out the next day.
  6. Here in Canada they use FedEx too. I think you can request overnight shipping but that's like $50. Regular is $20 I believe.

    As for delivery times, I'd say 2-3 business days from the day they deliver. When I ordered my Miroir in December, they shipped it out on Monday, and I got it on Wednesday. For the LOVE2 tote, they shipped it on Tuesday and my store called me on Thursday to say it has arrived.
  7. agree. Just like that.

    I dunno about shipping to your home since I've never done this before. I usually do charge-sends (and transfers) only if my local boutique does not have the item I want and I'm desperate for it. So I ask another boutique (mainly Toronto) to send the item straight to my local boutique and I go pick it up there since I live really close.
    Time: (emergency) 1 day
    Cost: none
  8. My last shipment took a week to receive. But I selected regular FedEx shipping and it was shipping from East Coast US to the Midwest.
  9. Does FedEx require signature upon delivery or do they just leave the package in your mailbox? I'm never home during the day so I wouldn't be able to sign for it.
  10. They usually require signature upon delivery... but there are times when they just leave the package at your doorstep. :sweatdrop:
  11. Thanks everyone, I've just ordered 2 items. One more question: Are they supposed to tell you when the items have shipped and do they usually give you a tracking number?
  12. ^^ NOPE, they don't call you nor give you a tracking number. but they may be able to give you some info if you call 866...not sure though.

    I usually chose the overnight delivery for my packages since I don't like to take chances of losing it so I order lots to make the $50 worth
  13. When I called the 866 number, they connected me to a store and took all of my info over the phone, without having to fax and return a CC authorization sheet. It was much faster then what Karman explained, but is this normal?

  14. You guys have it easy in the USA (along with being able to order LV online). Here in Canada, we have to fax a form along with a copy of our CC and driver's license. That's what I had to do anyways.
  15. I think it's pretty much standard in Canada...unless, maybe you order tons and tons of stuff over the phone all the time and they already have your info anyway.