Charge send from Hermes boutiques

Almost any other store with multiple locations will track down the item you want in another store, have it shipped directly to you, and accept your payment on their premises. Is it really not that way at Hermes?

Say you know about a great chocolate brown birkin in the Madison Avenue store. Can't your regular SA in Houston or Honolulu just call them up and say, "hello! please ship that bag to my customer - I am ringing up her payment now."?

If not, that seems like a positively antiquated system.
I think Hermes does it only with particular items and not with leather goods.

For instance, I wanted the silver hippo lock. My Hermes store didn't have it so they called other stores in Switzerland to track one down. They found one and will ship to my city.

For Birkins, I called Hermes in Zurich and they said they had a Birkin in red but it was reserved. However, if the person doesn't pick it up, they would call me but I still have to go to Zurich and pick it up.
Birkinbaby, you would think it wouldn't matter if they shipped the bag out as long as a sale was made. Maybe then, certain areas would just slam the market. Like think how many calls would be going all over the U.S. for bags to be sent to New York customers. It would be wild. It probably keeps the Hermes shopping experience very elite and peaceful to do business the way they do vs. charge sends etc.
shoes319 said:
Ten years ago I purchased two bags (different times) from the Boston store and had them shipped to me...I don't recall it being a problem.

There's hope!:nuts: I know they want to make the bags exclusive...but their price alone warrants that. I just think for business purposes, they would be able to do soooo much better if they would charge send. I know they already do well, but who doesn't want to be more successful (as far as numbers go)?

Just my 2 cents worth...