Charge over the phone...

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  1. I was just wondering how the 'charge over the phone' works with LV? I want to buy the Manhattan GM over the phone and go in later tonight and get it. How does the procedure work? Has anyone done it before? :confused1:
  2. If you are going to pick it up in person, why not just call and put the bag on hold for the day? Are you worried that LV won't have one for your when you get there? This way, you can be sure to inspect for any flaws too. Can't wait to see your new bag!
  3. Call them and ask to do a charge-hold in which case they will ring the item up under your name and card and when you go in to pick it up, they'll have it ready for you.
  4. Thank you so much for the responses everyone... what I think I am going to do is just buy one on the LV website just to test it out and see how it comes. I wonder if they box the items and put a ribbon around them?
  5. for me i had to do a credit authorization the previous visit before i did an actual charge send.

    i agree with cpster in going in to see it before you buy it. i usually do this but since i have to fly to see my SA, only LEs had to be done charge-hold.
  6. If you purchase it from the website all I can say is that it is packaged so pretty. That was the one thing I liked about purchasing from them direct. But eluxury doesn't charge tax. So you might consider saving a decent amount of money to give up the nice "packaging" I
  7. Not to sound like an idiot.. but what's the difference between the two? :-?

    I have seen the Manhattan GM in person many times and have tried it on many times lol.. I bug the crap out of my SA haha.. but I don't think she minds.
  8. LV website sends a gift card along with the purchase and a thank you card it's just "nicer" I don't know maybe I'm just weird like that but eluxury doesn't charge tax (thats a huge + for me) so if money is no object LV would be better but if youd like to save a few $ eluxury is the way to go. I mean they still box it and bubble wrap everything so nothing gets damaged. LV's presentation is just nicer as a whole ha...I'm starting to confuse
  9. Haha... Guilty, I am so sorry... that last message of mine wasn't for you. I would really be an idiot if I didn't know the difference between quality, savings and websites LOL.. j/k. No it was for Caley and the whole charge send and charge authorization thing.

    SO silly lol.
  10. :upsidedown::P
  11. lol! charge send is just charging over the phone and having them ship it to you. my LV charges $20 if the goods are under $2000, free if over. charge hold is just having them charge your card and hold it at the store til you can get it. i had to do this the last time i went to LV since they could only hold a bag for 2 days and i wouldn't be able to get there for a month.

    the charge authorization thing is what starts the process. they take an imprint of your charge card and your signature, so they are authorized to make the charge for you over the phone. i'm not sure if this is the process for all stores, but the store i deal with had to do this first before any charges over the phone.

    hope that's not too confusing! heh my brain is on weekend mode
  12. I do charges over the phone all the time. When in Chicago, I just go pick it up. I did a charge over the phone to the Palm Beach store...and they just shipped it to me for free.
  13. So Ladies and Gents... I ended up purchasing the Aurelia GM. I had to call customer service since that was the only want to order it. I got it in black and it should be here tomorrow before 3 PM! :smile: YAY! I will take pics... I also had the SA include a catalogue. My bag is coming from the Chevy Chase store, I hear that's a nice one.
  14. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pictures!!