Charge it!!! Yes or no?

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To charge or not to charge


  2. No, don't do it!


  4. No, don't do it!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. IF there were 3 bags you *really* wanted and may never be able to get your hands on again (and pretty much had all the funds except for $700), WOULD you open a new CC to charge the balance? I have 0% interest till March 2007 (which I would definitely pay off ahead of time).

    I usually sell bags to acquire a few, but these 3 all came at the SAME time into my lap, therefore my dilemma. :shame:

    Look forward to your thoughts! :idea:
  2. NO! unless I was sure I could pay for them on the new card at the end of the month.
  3. You betcha I would! But only if I knew I could pay it off real soon. Yes I am a bad influence. Good luck to ya girl!
  4. Only if I knew I could pay it off in full without ANY interest. Otherwise I would have to say no.
  5. Yes I can definitely pay it off before interest accrued, much sooner actually :smile:
  6. Hahahah kim you bad influence you ;)

  7. you girls are baaaaaaad! (I just looked at the poll results!):lol:
  8. I am sooo the last person you want to ask...................!!!!!!!
  9. I'd charge it. I only charge my cards when I know I can pay in full. However, if it's a bigger purchase and I can get zero percent and have a whole year to pay I'd say charge it!
  10. I couldn't/wouldn't do it.
    I'd choose one, m a y b e 2!
  11. Swanky you are one of the lone deterrents lol! I wish I could see the bags I can choose from to decide darn it. I can get TWO and afford it for sure, in CASH/paypal funds. My *good* girl is saying just do two lol! But my bad side, well SHE'S going with the poll results.
  12. Swanky has a good point. I only buy one bag at a time lol.
  13. I say CHARGE. :nuts: :nuts:
  14. What bags are you getting :biggrin: ?
  15. Here's pics of the 3 I can choose from (or get them all lol) -->

    mombasa.jpg nicolebag.jpg (same bag but shown in better detail)