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  1. Is Tano going to be making anymore bags in Charcoal (gray)? I would love love love a boogie in my only hope ebay??? TIA :smile:
  2. They had some left over charcoal yardage from last year and they made some boogie buckets with it this year. The trim is dark brown and the charcoal is quite green.
  3. I would not get a Charcoal Tano Bag this year. I have seen it in person and the color is really green. Not nice at all. In my opinion it is not even gray and I don't know how they could name it charcoal. There is nothing charcoal about it. It is green and quite an unattractive green in my opinion. For a Grey bag you should check out Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic and the Gap has some really nice gray bags in washed leather this fall season. If you like this Gap bag I would not wait
    as it is almost sold out nationwide.

  4. I have a charcoal boogie and love it. I don't see any green color in it at all. This is my go to bag, holds a ton.

    Here is a pic

  5. ^^Yer Boogie is gorgeous!

    My only peeve is that when I hear CHARCOAL I think of a much darker color. I would have called this color ash or smoke.... to me Charcoal lends itself to a very, very dark shade of grey. But it could just be me. :P
  6. YES....this is what I want!!! It has black trim right??? Where and when did you get it :heart:
  7. brimack your charcoal boogie is gorgie!!!!

    and I agree voodoo.. charcoal is usually almost black it's so dark!
  8. There was a run of charcoal last year that was really nice- more grey. But the second dye lot was more green. The boogie posted above was from last year from the first dye lot and is trimmed in black. Its SWEET!

    The ones this year are made from left over yardage from the second dye lot and have brown trim. Like Liz cordova said, I wouldn't recommend them .

  9. Your charcoal is really charcoal. The Charcoal which Tano is doing this year is not charcoal at all but a green color. I saw it in person yesterday at Bag in Soho so I do know what the color truly looks like. If it had looked like your bag which is gray I would have bought it. The charcoal that Tano did this year is a very green shade that turns greener. They really should not have named it charcoal but sea green.
  10. Here is my Analisa in charcoal from a couple years back, I guess. I love the color so much but have not seen the charcoal this year.

  11. cbrooke....I got this boogie last December by a stroke of luck. There was a place in Brooklyn (I live in Long Island / New York) that had one left. Yes, it's black trim...that's the only reason why I bought it/ I didn't like the brown trim on grey.

    Thanks everyone for the compliments....I love my boogie....
  12. ooohhh...I love that charcoal color!! Those bags are beautiful! I don't think I see many purses out there that color.
  13. Darcy, your Analisa is gorgy!:tup:
  14. ^^ thanks voodoo, I really love her!
  15. I am totally drooling for the boogie and analisa!! Both are gorgeous bags!! I am such a sucker for a grey bag... can't wait for Tano's next true grey one!!