Charcoal vs black?


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Apr 11, 2008
Hi everyone. I have been looking at pictures of charcoal and black MAMs online and they both seem to be black. The charcoal just looks slightly softer black, but still black. Is it meant to be black, or is it actually grey. I think the soft black it seems to be is beautiful, but I would hate to order it and it be grey when it gets here. Thank you for any help :smile:


Mar 1, 2009
I have a charcoal MAM, and it's definitely grey; a dark grey, but nowhere near black. I think it's beautiful, but if you're looking for a "soft black" I think you'd be disappointed.

I just found some great photos of charcoal and black MAMs next to each other. Go to the Color Reference (near the top of the main RM page here on tPF). Then go to "show pictures of your Grey bags" and scroll down to post #91. Hth...