Charcoal Patent MAB Arrived . . .

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  1. My Charcoal Patent MAB has arrived and I'm loving the size, color and the patent leather. It is more of a "shiny" leather :heart: vs. a high-gloss patent (which can be too much for me--wish I could wear it though).

  2. Oooh, I :heart: it!! Congratulations!!:woohoo:
    What color lining does it have?
  3. That is FABULOUS. I may have to get one of these...

    Looks great on you too!
  4. Love it congrats!!
  5. I am using my Charcoal Patent MAM today and this bag is soooo unique and special! Isn't it amazing???
    There is no patent/color like the charcoal.

    Congrats! It is beauty-ful!
  6. Gorgeous Bag!! Need more pics please. Congrats on a beauty!!
  7. I love your bag, CONGRATS!!!
  8. #8 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Good Morning . . .

    Zombie Girl - Thank you so much! The lining is the blue and cream.

    selketkrb - Thank you for your kind words!

    saragleave - Many thanks!

    cooper1 - Thank you! Glad to hear your are loving yours!! Looking forward to using mine soon too. Right now it is "airing-out". Just a faint dye or patent processing chemical scent.

    jenniletv - Thank you so much -- I'll try to get more pics taken/posted soon -- (hopefully with a better camera than the cell phone!).

    pinkboudoir - Thank you for your nice words!
  9. awesome bag!! The MAB looks like a great size for you, I think the dark coloured patent makes it versatile so it neither looks too dressy nor too casual - a nice finish to any outfit!!
  10. I LOVE charcoal patent! I've been tempted to grab one more than once, then I remember I already have grey and patent RMs.
  11. gorgeous, congrats!
  12. melmel1004 - Thank you so much! I really like the MAB size with my height (5'9"). You have a gorgeous collection in your pics!!!

    happy942 - Thank you! You have a nice collection listed!

    kimalee - Thank you so much! PS: Love the ER quote!
  13. To be honest with you, mine had a very bad chemical smell for about 3-4 weeks. I was thinking it would never go away! I got it about 6 weeks ago, and it now has absolutely no smell at all.
    Just use it, take it out in the fresh air, and I promise it will go away!
  14. My Beige Bumpy Patent MAC has a chemical smell as kinda reminds me of gasoline or paint thinner. But I like the smell of that kind of stuff (I'm weird I know) so it doesn't bother me. It has gotten more faint though so I'm sure it will eventually go away. :yes:
  15. Congrats!!! The charcoal patent ROCKS and the smell does totally go away!!