Charcoal or Black Cherry?

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  1. I am torn between charcoal or black cherry in city..I recently bought the giant city sapphire (silver).

    I wonder if I should look into other design apart from the city. But I am only 5 ft tall.
  2. Both are beautiful but I'm partial to charcoal.

    I'm not much taller than you and I have a day, which I love. You could also look at the first, twiggy, and part time.
  3. I haven't been overwhelmed with BC this season (and I so wanted to be) so I'd go charcoal + I prefer BC with gold hardware (if going giant that is) - so for silver I think the grey would look prettier with the GSH!
  4. I have both... and both colors are different enough.. i'd say buy both... :graucho:

    I have the BC w/ SGH & RH Charcoal, but if you were to get both.. I'd agree with beaux.. go with the BC GGH & the Charcoal SGH.. if you were to get them in giant hardware. ;)
  5. charcoal!
  6. I haven't seen charcoal IRL so I can't comment. BC is tricky given that each piece differs vastly from the next in terms of texture and shade. Personally I think BC is hot if you find the right piece!
  7. charcoal!
  8. i prefer charcoal :yes:

    and if you like the city style then stick with it - why not? i own 4 cities and dont regret not having different styles of bals.
  9. charcoal! the color is way more alluring than black cherry, imho. if you really like the black cherry however, you should get it with gold hardware; it makes the bag pop out more.
  10. Is charcoal one of the new color for main collection F/W 2008 ?
  11. another vote for charcoal
  12. I just had the same dilemma! Well, it wasn't really a dilemma...I first bought the BC in GGH (City) b/c I had been waiting all year for it to come out so I didn't even look at anything else. But, then I thought I would check out the PT just to make sure which style I preferred. I walked into the store to see the PT I had on hold and saw the Charcoal sitting there calling out to me! It's just such a unique, elegant color which doesn't scream for attention yet still seems to get it. Also, many TPFers say they don't like the GH on City bags because it seems like too much going on. Well, it doesn't seem as overwhelming on this one because the color is subdued and also the silver doesn't look as blingy as the gold. Now, if I could find a BC that looked like the one online...I might be convinced to get both ;)
  13. that colour. tres chic
  14. Well, for your size, I'd say the city. I guess it's up to which you think will go better with your wardrobe. I have been eyeing the bags on the Bal website. BC looks so purply and awesome on there!
  15. Ooohh. I'm 5' 3" and found city is great for my size.
    Also, I don't have either colour, but have bags which are kinda similar: Grenat and Steel. I found that I use my Steel as an everyday bag and Grenat on my weekends. Steel will go with absolutely anything under the sun. So even though I love both, Charcoal gets my vote.

    Hope this helps ;)