Charcoal Mandy Suede Courier

  1. For our SA - where are they selling this bag? Coach website says it won't be available until Dec 15th. Does Macy's or one of the dept stores have them??? Someone has one listed on ebay...
  2. i believe that there was a very small batch that was sent out. either that or the one on ebay is fake - i'll have to double check with our records and my manager.

    i know i was over at the pinnacle store, which has everything - fashion, flagship, tourist, core, etc. but they didn't have the mandy courier. only the shoulder bag and the ali is available in the suede.

    macy's shouldn't have them. neither does bloomies or nordys.

    i think you'll just have to tough it out and wait.

    more info on this tmr. lol.
  3. Thanks. I have been waiting forever for it to come out. Everytime I check the Coach page, it seems production has been delayed. Dec 15th - too close to XMas to be shopping at the stores!
  4. Any news on where I can get one?
  5. So all you lady's know. I just bought a charcoal mandy courior for my fiance. I just called coach directly and they said that they had 15 left instock (know 14). So if you want to get one before it hits the stores in december give coach a call.
  6. OK. I got mine a little less than their price. I think the seller may have thought that it would sell for her BIN price. With shipping, it beat Coach's full price and I didn't want to wait for the discount coupon event (if I get one).
  7. noshoepolish - Congrats - it's great that you were able to finally get the bag you wanted at a little less than retail! Please post pics when you get it!

    goodfiance - that's such a nice gift! I'm sure your fiance will love it!
  8. post pics. I want to see