Charcoal Gray Crunch Leather Tano

  1. I'm thinking about ordering a charcoal gray Tano Boogie Bucket. Has anyone seen one in person or does anyone have pictures of one? Do you think the gray is neutral enough to wear with everything, or should I go with a black bag if I want neutral?
  2. I bought the charcoal Boogie Bucket a few weeks ago and thought the color was great. Very neutral to me. I think it would go with everything as it's not too light and not too dark. I ended up returning it though as the shape just didn't suit me - it was stiffer and boxier than what I wanted.
  3. I love the grey- but to me it is not a year-round color. I would only use it in the winter.

    It has black trim, so I wouldn't wear it with browns or earth tones. IMO it looks good with blacks, whites & most shades of blue denim- might also work with some shades of red, green or purple.

    If you want neutral, I would suggest a solid black or brown bag instead of a grey with black trim bag.
  4. Tano Vixen Van Go Go in Crunch Charcoal grey. I love it!
  5. I think the grey is very neutral and goes with almost everything. The only time I don't wear it is with browns. I think it is a great fall/ winter bag. In the spring/summer I will probably not carry it much.
  6. Oooohhh that's beautiful!
  7. I have the grey boogie! Great Great bag. I usually wear jeans most of the time so for me it goes with everything I usually wear. I do plan on getting another bag for spring from Tano, but I do believe this bag would be something I could carry all year.