charcoal/dark gray paddy

  1. hey!!! does anyone know where i can find a dark gray/charcoal chloe? i wanna find my pocket a sister :tender: !

    please let me know if you do! thanks so much!
  2. I spoke to the chloe boutique in California yesterday by phone. They had the non-metallic anthracite which is a dark charcoal. She also told me that the new color Gris would be arriving in 2 weeks. She said it was a green/grey. I asked if it was like mousse, and in her words she said mousse was much more of a seafoam color and gris was much darker. Her name was Claudia and she was very nice. Good luck!
  3. hey triplets05 thanks for the info. ive never actually seen the non-metallic anthracite in person so not quite sure what that looks like.

    im excited about the Gris - but once again - have no idea what to expect! please let me know if you learn more. thanks~!!