charbon or charcoal twiggy

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  1. I am About to purchase my first bbag, twiggy style, but am torn between charbon and charcoal. I am at the mercy of online pics b/c I live in ok, with no access to bbags irl. I appreciate your advice!!
  2. I vote for charcoal!!!..good luck!!
  3. Another vote for charcoal! it's such a beautiful color & it goes with everything!!
    Definitely Charcoal is a good choice for a first bag. Good Luck! :yes:
  4. Yeah! Definitely charcoal. I got one b-bag in that color too. So in love with it!! :smile:
  5. when there're so many colour choices and you can only buy one, you need more than votes from us who don't know about your style. maybe you could give us an idea, like, what're the usual or fave colours you wear, from tops to shoes. some people like to blend but others like contrast. i belong to the latter group so that's why i haven't bought a grey bbag yet. i wear a lot of grey already and i'm anal about matching same colours.
  6. Charcoal:tup:
  7. well, I'm traditional/trendy. I'm a professional, so I wear structured clothes during the week, but want an unstructured bag so as not to be too stuffy. I thought charbon might be perfect, but it seems a little too dark. On the weekends, I wear jeans and tops...can charcoal be worn with both black and brown??? That would be ideal.
  8. It also depends on your wardrobe. You said you have blacks and browns? So I say go for Charbon, well I'm a bit biased since I love my Charbon day. You have to see both colors in person to pick which one you really love.
  9. Charcoal for me too! Charbon is nice.. but not in twiggy =)
  10. charcoal/anthra twiggy! it goes with everything better than dark brown would, and is different than basic black! GL!
  11. I love charcoal! And not just because I have one! :tup:
  12. another vote for charcoal! :yes:
  13. Another vote for Charcoal - it's a slight variation on black and can take you from day to night and from weekday to weekend. The Twiggy is nice and slouchy after you've broken it in and it will be fabulous! All the best and post pictures after you've decided!
  14. cool. i personally have a thing against wearing blacks with browns unless these are the only 2 colours in the ensemble. as for charcoal, it would go with browns, blacks, white, pink, orange/reds and probably many more. for charbon which i've read is a straight coffee brown, i'd wear with white, grey, blue, pink, yellow and maybe some more.
  15. Yet another vote for Charcoal :tup: