Chapter III................ Sit Down For This One!!

  1. And so the story goes.....

    Last Friday (07/27/07) DHL leaves a VM stating the investigation into my bag has been closed. Customs has released the Clearance Hold and Fish & Wildlife has also cleared the parcel, my bag and will arrive on Monday July 30, 2007 :yahoo:

    I decided I would not post anything until the silly thing was actually in my hands. Sunday night the tracking showed my little bag arrived in Ohio @ DHL's hub and was on a flight to Minneapolis @ 2:38 am. So of course Monday I am on the site constantly checking the status. It is showing it arrived in Minneapolis @ 10:58 am July 30th and was in transit:wlae: I was actually starting to :drool: just thinking it was all finally coming to an end.

    Monday evening comes and goes and NO BAG:cursing: so I thought for sure yesterday morning the little yellowish/orange (kind of a nasty color, if you ask me) and red truck would pull up with my Rock! The tracking info still showed everything good. Around 3:00 pm, the truck pulls up and the guy ring the bell, it is my beloved Jimmy Choo boots from Bluefly, so I ask him if he has anything else for me and he does a quick check of his truck, says no and drives off:crybaby: Back to the tracking info.... 4:16 "In Transit" so I figure it must be on a different truck. The evening comes and goes and still no Rock.

    Here's the best part....
    I wake up early this morning because DHL has showed up as early as 8 am, DD is spending the night @ a friends house and I don't want to miss the door if I am sleeping. I Get on the DHL site and it shows my Rock has left the Minneapolis Regional Hub @ 11:19 LAST NIGHT:wtf: I was so :censor: I got on the phone and called DHL CS and they said your investigation ticket has been closed since last Friday, but let me see what I can do. 20 minutes later, I find out that some IDIOT saw one of the old request labels from when the bag first entered the country in OH that required customs review and decided this box had to be checked in NY so it went back to NY last night and is somewhere in NY AGAIN.............

    DHL promises to have it delivered by 5:00 pm tomorrow (ha ha ha - what a joke..) I have contacted JC London and said I had better receive an additional 50% refund/discount to my CC or this bag WILL be refused and I will never order from them again. I can only imagine how many times this box has been opened, pawed, thrown, smooched etc. I doubt the poor Rock will even have any scales left by the time it actually shows up on my door step (should I end up keeping her)

    So sorry for this LONG "Saga" but I had to vent.... Will provide one final entry to this chapter soon. Whether you will ever see photos of the beloved little Rock, well that is up to JC London. I have been a HUGE fan, but their CS needs to step up to the plate!
  2. I am so sorry for all the drama! I hope that JC and DHL will rectify the situation soon. Good luck!
  3. Now don't do anything rash here:nuts:. I know you are fed up with DHL and, but that is a great bag! Step away from the phone, do not tell JC to take poor little Watersnake Rock and :cursing:. We have all waited so long to see Watersnake Rock:drool:. It sounds like you have some new sexy Jimmy Choo boots to keep you company for another day or two, and just think how great your boots will look with your Rock. Hey, how about a picture of your new boots while we are waiting to see how this one plays out?:popcorn:
  4. Jeez, Robyn, I've been following your long and tortured saga, and I'm really hoping for a happy ending... :whistle:
  5. [​IMG]I'm sorry, the whole jump thru hoops rig-a- ma-roa is just unacceptable.
    I know the when the bags arrive they will probably be so nice we'll forget all about it, but still ...not cool.
  6. Unbelievable!!! But a beautiful bag, hang in there!!
  7. I completely agree with Samantha! I KNOW you are frustrated beyond belief by this point, but don't cut off your nose to spite your face (Grandma? Is that you?) ;)

    DON'T lose out on such a beautiful bag after all you've been through thus far! After what now seems like a short journey through Customs for my bag, I was also concerned about it's condition. But my box, nor it's contents appeared to have even been disturbed. Granted, my bag was "only" MIA for a week so maybe they never got to it if they opened a few other boxes and saw what it was.

    And did you say new boots? Hun! Boots! My biggest obsession of all time! Show us the boots!! :tup:
  8. Yes, I purchased some Black patent leather boots from bluefly, but they were TOO big and because I was so angry with DHL, they got boxed right up and went right back immediately. These were what they looked like though. I have no clue anymore as to what size to purchase in Choo shoes, so I think I will just forget about owning a pair:sad:
  9. Those are hot boots Robyn. I was really excited for you when I saw the picture. Sorry they did not fit. I usually wear a 9 and in Jimmy Choo I wear a 40:nuts:. I just love how beautiful the display 36/37 looks and then they bring me my size:s. How did they run on you?
  10. I am so confused with JC shoes:confused1:

    I had tried on a pair of Kats at Nordies and they fit perfect:yahoo: so I purchased a pair of sandals in a 5.5 (my normal size) TOOOO small:push: sent them back for a 6.5, still too small, so I tried a 7 and decided the 7 worked:tup: So when Bluefly had these boots in a 7 on sale for $429.00(of course there were no 6's) I ordered them:nuts: Unfortunately, I think a 5.5 or 6 would have been perfect but I guess they weren't meant to be:crybaby:
    winton.jpg kat.jpg chooboots.jpg
  11. LOVE the boots! I hope when things calm down a bit you give them another go. Definitely worth it!

    Italian sizing is so confusing though. And rude. I so do NOT want to have a size 38 foot! Good Lord..... :rolleyes:
  12. Robyn, I know what your talking about. I only buy my JC shoes from the store. My feet range from a 38 in a boot to 38.5 in a sling back and to a 39 in a closed toe.
  13. :flowers:

    There are no words.... you just need a bouquet of flowers..... from everyone involved in your dilema!
  14. Thank you so much ilove2shop:heart:
  15. UPDATE.........

    No Rock today! DHL shows the bag left MSP on it's way to NY, but today it is back in Wilmington OHIO again for the 3rd time, so I seriously doubt I will see it until Next week:hs: I am not sure if it is going to NY or coming from NY, but either way, it is not here in Minneapolis:censor: and at this rate, it never will:crybaby: